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A Bird in a Gilded Cage

Stefan teaches Caroline about being humanityless. Damon and Elena get some help to retrieve his mother, Bonnie does something unexpected, and Enzo and Alaric make a new odd couple….


Watching Stefan destroy Caroline’s control through his rather gruesome “pranks” was almost funny.  I have to admit that I was hoping that we were going to have a bloodier repeat of the Dan Scott/Deb Scott feuding from One Tree Hill.  Sadly it didn’t happen, but that could have been truly funny.  Stefan is pissed that Caroline is forcing him to go to a place he never wants to go to because he knows that he’ll regret it when he regains his humanity.  He doesn’t quite seem to have reached the Ripper yet, but I suspect that is because he is so focused on getting back at Caroline that he hasn’t gone there.  Having the two of them both going out of control is going to be interesting, but not necessarily fun.  If Damon is right, getting Stefan to see their mom should help turn both back.  You know it won’t be that easy though.

A Bird in a Gilded Cage

Speaking of Damon, he is not having a good time.  His brother is reverting back to Ripper, his mother is insane and wants to bring her vampire pals back with her, and Bonnie is barely talking to him.  At least he has Elena on his side.  If his mother ever figures out that he is lying about bringing her friends back from the prison world, she is going to be seriously pissed.  She seems to be controlled, but often the people who are that controlled are the ones who end up doing the worst things.  Witness Stefan, Caroline, and Elena when humanityless.  He does have the cure for vampirism now, so it will be interesting to see what he does with it.


Honestly, I was shocked at what Bonnie did.  I know that what Kai did to her was horrible, but I was not expecting her to do even worse than he did.  She deliberately went to the prison world and stayed with him in order to attack him and leave him there.  That was very cold.  It also worries me.  When her actions this week are coupled with her near loss of control last week, a very worrisome picture of someone who is unbalanced and powerful begins to show itself.  The old Bonnie would never have done this.  While I get why she did it, I still think it was a bad idea because if Kai ever makes it out of that prison world alive, he will come after her with a vengeance.  Of course, that assumes that the vampires haven’t already killed him.  I do feel sorry for him.  I think he has been trying to change and Bonnie was refusing to give him credit for it.  I will say that it seemed like she was trying to provoke him in the prison world to justify what she wanted to do.

A Bird in a Gilded Cage

I’m not sure what to make of Enzo and Alaric teaming up.  While it was good that they were trying to help Stefan and Caroline, Alaric was stupid to let Enzo bait him the way he did.  Enzo is immortal and doesn’t need to worry about a family like Alaric does.  My other question is why Alaric seems to care what Enzo thinks of him.  That didn’t really make a whole lot of sense to me.  Of course, it was also ego, so there is that.  I was glad when Jo laid into him because Alaric needed the reminder that he has people depending on him.

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