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The Originals “The Other Girl in New Orleans”

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Klaus hunts for Cami who is being held by Aurora; Elijah, Hayley, and Freya torture Tristan; the Strix call on Marcel to prove himself; and Hayley has words for Jackson.

Aurora is a complete nutjob. Well, maybe not a complete nutjob, but she’s convinced herself that she is Klaus’ true love and that no one else can compare to her. That might have been true at one point, but sweetie, he hasn’t seen you in a millennium, so I don’t think he cares about you all that much. Watching him break the news to her in the harshest way he would was absolutely brutal. I’d feel sorry for her, except for the fact that she is completely delusional and had to be talked to in that direct manner in order for her to really understand what he was saying. Sometimes reality sucks.

I had to laugh when Elijah was going through torture etiquette with Freya. The fact that they discussed it as if they were choosing what set of plates to use for a dinner just made it even funnier. Then there was his comment to Hayley about the house not being a good place for Hope to be unless she was “teething violently”. He got the greatest lines tonight. On that subject, Klaus’ offer to Cami to kill that guy who beat her friend form college was almost funny too. I suspect that he was only half kidding. If she had said yes, I have very little doubt that he would have sent someone out to kill the guy.


When Marcel betrayed Elijah, I honestly thought that maybe it was a plan between Elijah and Marcel to trick the Strix. The fact that Marcel did it all on his own while saving Freya and Hayley was impressive. That man can come up with some really good spur of the moment plans. He knew that he needed to get close to the Strix and this was his best way to do so. By making it look like he had thoroughly turned on the Mikaelsons, he is now closer to the Strix and has a good chance of figuring out what to do to stop them.

Cami continues to impress. She stood toe to toe with Aurora and never backed down until it became physical. When that happened, she didn’t stand a chance and she was smart enough to not resist and piss Aurora off any more than she already was. The fact that she didn’t immediately recognize Aurora seemed to irritate Aurora. If Aurora was at all rational, she might have realized what that meant: she didn’t mean that much to Klaus.


Klaus now has the latitude when Rebekah is located and he and Elijah have the route of a ship that she was probably on, which (given the preview) means Rebekah will be reunited with her siblings soon. And Klaus made Elijah promise to leave Aurora to him, while apparently leaving Tristan and possibly Lucien to Elijah. Spot more of torture anyone?

I was glad to see Hayley stand up for her support for the Mikaelsons. Twisted or not, they are her family too and she needs to protect them. I really hope Jackson gets that.

I’m really curious what Freya and Finn are going to talk about. This could be interesting.

Next week, the mid-season finale. See y’all then!