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The Originals “Savior”

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The Mikaelsons are celebrating Christmas, but everything is not merry and bright and Tristan and Aurora strike back. Jackson and Hayley come to an understanding about their place in the Mikaelson family and a new regent is chosen by the Ancestors.

It was nice to have Rebekah back, even if only for an episode. Unfortunately, the stake that the Strix used on her was cursed and would slowly drive her insane. So insane that she struck out against everyone around her. The fact that it took both Elijah and Klaus to hold her down so Freya could remove the mark that was spreading showed how far gone she was. The worst part is that the removal didn’t work because the Strix somehow made it so that the mark would come back. So, she got Elijah to dagger her so that she wouldn’t go off on everyone again. Klaus is not going to be happy about this.


Just like I can’t imagine what he’ll do if Cami is actually dead. That move by Aurora was both brilliant and stupid. Brilliant because it will cripple Klaus temporarily. Stupid because he will get vengeance and won’t stop no matter what. He has quite the nasty imagination and I don’t think that anything will be able to stop him from going after Aurora. I have to say that I hope Cami isn’t actually dead because I do like her. It’s possible that Aurora gave her blood in order to turn her into a vampire. If she does that, she may try and do something relating to the sire link to use Cami to get at Klaus.

It was nice to see Jackson finally get why Hayley keeps helping the Mikaelsons. He kept trying to make it him or them, but he seems to get now that they can have each other and still be involved with the Mikaelsons. They do need to be careful because of Hope, but it’s nice that they are finally on the same page.


Vincent is the new regent but, unless I misread the ending, Vincent is now Finn again and is under the control of Tristan. That is definitely not a good thing. Finn hates his siblings and having the Regent be someone who hates the Mikaelsons under the control of someone who also hates the Mikaelsons is not going to be a good thing. On his own, Finn caused enough trouble, so I can’t imagine the type of havoc he can wreak as the regent and in conjunction with the Strix.


It was really nice to see Klaus help Detective Kinney when Klaus really had no reason to. Granted, it was something Cami wanted, but Klaus doesn’t always let something like that inform his actions, so seeing him allow it to this time was good. I assume that he was able to undo (or at the very least undermine) what Lucien compelled Kinney to do, so that is good. And it led to that really sweet scene of Cami and Klaus together, so that was cool.

Marcel needs to be a little more careful about undermining the Strix’s plans. Tristan seemed to suspect what was going on and I can’t imagine that he’ll take betrayal well.

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