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Rebekah runs into control issues, Klaus’ control issues assert themselves with a vengeance, we find about how Dahlia controlled Freya, Jackson’s control of the wolves is threatened, and Cami is asked to help someone who tests her self-control.


It was interesting to hear Klaus explain (quite loudly) how he views the world to both Freya and Hayley.  He sees both Elijah and Rebekah as too willing to trust family, so he feels that he needs to act as a control on their overly optimistic view of family.  That certainly explains a lot about why he has done some of the things he has done.  Since he needs to protect them from their own “worst” impulses, he feels justified doing whatever needs to be done to whomever it needs to be done to in order to protect them.  Couple that with his compulsive need to get revenge on *ANYONE* he feels has defied him and his actions regarding Finn and Kol become a lot more understandable.  Then there is what he said to Hayley.  He trust no one else  , including (presumably) her, to put Hope’s safety first, so he will do whatever he needs to do in order to protect her, even if that means undermining Jackson as the Alpha of his pack.  Klaus puts everything secondary to protecting Hope.  I think he is more freaked out by Dahlia than he is letting on.


Would the wolves really leave Jackson?  Since they’re all super wolves now, they don’t seem to feel as beholden to Jackson, particularly since Klaus is working at making sure that he controls the wolves.  Jackson needs to figure out how to walk this tightrope.  Klaus doesn’t care for him at all and the wolves see him as weak enough to challenge.  Hayley didn’t have a bad idea going to Klaus for help, but Klaus is not going to reverse course now, not unless Elijah can somehow talk sense into him.


Rebekah is in trouble.  The witch whose body she inhabits is asserting her own control and Rebekah does not seem strong enough to control her.  And with the witch abducting young witches and either killing or marking them, there is trouble afoot, particularly since she now has Davina.  Unless I am very much mistaken, those marks she is carving into the young witches’ foreheads are the same marks that have been used to channel power from the Originals by Esther and Finn.  Channeling that much power from the young witches, particularly Davina, is going to make for a very powerful witch, and that is not a good thing.  Rebekah needs to figure out how to get this under control, stat.


Unfortunately, Klaus took an opportunity from her when he snapped Freya’s neck.  If he had let Freya do the spell, it is entirely possible that Rebekah could have maintained control.  Unfortunately, Klaus doesn’t trust Freya, so he wasn’t about to risk Rebekah’s life.  I can’t exactly say that I blame him given everything.  Freya is trying too hard which is making it even harder for Klaus to trust her.  If everything she said tonight is true, then her life has sucked beyond the telling of it.  Dahlia has been using her and her power to achieve immortality and has put the curse on her that means the Freya is awake for one year out of every 100.  I find it interesting that Dahlia also made Freya impervious to any damage or even death.  I assume that this is because Freya’s power is helping to fuel the spell that keeps them both alive and impossible to kill.  I still don’t know if Freya can be trusted, but if half of what she is saying is true, Klaus will need her to fight off Dahlia.  I am going to assume that Dahlia can work some magic that will be able to kill even Klaus, so the Mikaelson siblings seriously need to work together to keep Hope safe.


Poor Cami ended up spending a lot of time with Vincent, the witch whose body Finn hijacked.  Interestingly, Vincent is the husband of Rebekah’s body.  That was a starting reveal, I must admit.  I thought they might be related, but I had assumed brother and sister or something like that.  I will say that the time with Vincent seemed to be good for Cami.  I think she and Vincent will be able to help each other deal with what happened.

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