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Dahlia reveals herself is true Mikaelson fashion, Klaus makes and unlikely alliance to stop her, Hayley and Jackson come up with a plan to protect Hope, and Marcel and Elijah get some help to set up a sanctuary….

While she may not be in the direct Mikaelson line, Dahlia certainly has their flair for dramatic entrances and for theatrics. First, she takes over people one at a time to creep out Hayley and Jackson, and then takes over Jackson, and then she takes over an entire street full of people in order to get to Freya. I think the last enemy to have this creepy of an entrance was Klaus himself back in Season 2 of The Vampire Diaries. Dahlia is powerful, relentless, and has a deep desire to possess Hope, none of which is a good thing. Taking over that many people had to have taken a lot of power, but she still managed to do it and then overpower Freya within seconds. Add to that the fact that she was able to hold off Klaus, Elijah, and Mikael *AFTER* sharing some of her power with a few dozen possessed people and you have some serious mojo. I swear that she came within inches of desiccating both Klaus and Mikael during their little battle. And she looked like she was barely fazed by the whole thing. We’ve see other witches slow the Mikaelsons with the brain magic thing, but no one has ever managed to completely hold them off that easily and using that much power without breaking a sweat. Yeah, get scared.


I was surprised that Klaus made peace enough with Mikael in order to work with him to stop Dahlia. That alone should tell you something. If those two, who hate each other with a passion that is of biblical proportions, are forced to work together, something seriously bad is going down. I do have to say that I enjoyed the acerbic remarks they aimed at each other. That made the moment when Klaus killed Mikael somewhat poignant. I think that the moment where Klaus was begging Mikael to tell him why he hated him, even before Mikael knew that Klaus wasn’t his, was the closest I’ve seen Klaus to genuine tears besides the time he had to give up Hope. He was back to being an injured little boy, struggling to be accepted by his father. That may be one of the central tragedies of Klaus’ life. He was rejected by both of his parents, one because he was the product of an affair and the other because she made him a monster. This is not meant to excuse anything Klaus has done, but it does give it a certain poetic tragedy.


I am not as sure as Jackson was that his plan to go to the bayou would be the best plan to protect Hope. Granted, the bayou is the wolves’ home territory, but if Dahlia is powerful enough to be unfazed when facing down three of the Mikaelsons, I doubt that a pack of wolves would be much of a threat to her, particularly seeing as all three of the Mikaelsons she defeated have ripped through packs of werewolves with little to no damage. I am also not sure that the sanctuary would be powerful enough to hold Dahlia off for very long. I am not sure how the magic Josephine cast worked, but given how powerful Dahlia is, I suspect that it could be disposed of in relatively short order.

When the Levee Breaks

Aiden was caught between his duty to his pack as a wolf and his desire to remain alive and in Klaus’ good graces. Fortunately, he has Josh in his corner, if he just has the sense to consult him and stop hiding stuff from him. He (probably) also has Davina in his corner, given that Davina and Josh are tight. I do have to wonder if Davina will be next on Dahlia’s list given that Davina was the one who created the weapon that Klaus had. I certainly hope not.

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