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The Originals “Exquisite Corpse”

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Klaus is bracing himself for the arrival Dahlia, so he tries to gather allies and information.  Rebekah is caught in Eva’s body, so Elijah, Klaus, and Marcel search for a way to free her leading them to some unlikely places for answers.

Freya is going to be a problem.  If Klaus could unbend enough to trust her, she could be a useful ally, but he won’t, and that is driving her further and further away, particularly since she now knows for sure that Klaus will never be able to trust her.  Is Klaus right to not trust her?  That is a difficult question.  Klaus has such trust issues that it is hard to imagine him truly trusting her, but he has never really given her the chance to prove herself.  Since she knows he won’t ever trust her, she won’t give him a reason to.  I also wonder how she plans to turn the family against him.  Elijah and Rebekah are so solidly with Klaus that I would imagine it taking a fair amount of effort to turn them against him.  Then again, maybe she could do something to make it look like they’ll betray him and cause him to take actions that turn them against him.  This should be interesting.


Rebekah is now the sole possessor of Eva’s body, thanks to Marcel, Vincent, Freya, Klaus, and Elijah.  The spell Freya performed was quite impressive.  The fact that she ultimately drew on power from both Elijah and Klaus shows just how powerful the spell was.  Using the magic from 2 Original vampires has got to be quite the power boost.  I found it interesting that she chose to stay in her current body.  Her reasoning makes sense, but it was a little unexpected.  She made a promise to Kol and she needs to be a witch to fulfill it.  Then there are the witch children still linked to her through Eva’s spell, so if the body dies, they do too.  I would have thought that killing Eva would have ended the spell, but since the body is alive, I guess it makes sense that the spell is still active.

Exquisite Corpse

Watching Gia and Hayley work together and talk about Elijah was very cool.  It was nice to see that they were both so mature about the whole thing.  Gia knows that Elijah has deep feelings for Hayley, and is willing to accept that and since Hayley is married, she is more than willing to accept Gia with Elijah.  That conversation could so easily have gone sideways, so I was glad it didn’t.

I’m not sure what to think of Esther’s fate.  One the one hand, she deserved to die for everything she’s done to her kids, but being destroyed that way could not have been pleasant.  Watching her and Freya go at each other verbally was sort of fun.  Freya hates her with every bone in her body because Esther gave her to Dahlia and Esther doesn’t trust Freya because she was with Dahlia for 1,000 years.  Esther was clearly consumed with regret because losing Freya meant losing Mikael too, but (honestly) she didn’t really have much of a choice.  Dahlia was infinitely more powerful for her and she did tell Esther the price of her help.  Regardless, Esther is now gone and Freya is firmly set on a path that will cause her to collide with Klaus.  This will not be pretty.


This leaves us with Klaus.  As I said earlier, he needs every ally he can get his hands on to protect Hope from Dahlia, but he seems to go out of his way to piss potential allies off or to kill them.  He has serious trust issues and is a Grade A control freak, which coupled with his perpetual paranoia means that we have a situation that will grow increasingly volatile and make Klaus even worse leading to a self-perpetuating cycle.  Short of begging on his hands and knees he’s lost Freya, Rebekah is not nearly powerful enough to face Dahlia, Davina is not inclined to help him, Jackson doesn’t trust him, and now that Freya is a New Orleans witch, I don’t see them helping him either.  His chances of emerging from a confrontation with Dahlia unscathed and with Hope are growing increasingly small and that will make him increasingly desperate, which means that he will be at his worst.  Did I say not pretty?  This will be downright ugly….

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