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The Originals Every Mother’s Son Review

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We get a bit more Mikaelson history, the dinner party from hell, some seriously twisted “love”, and an effort to ensure the past doesn’t repeat itself…

Wow, Esther is seriously twisted. The part that really weirds me out is that I think she honestly believes herself when she says that she is doing what she is doing out of love. She is worse than Mikael is. At least he is honest about being a monster. Esther, on the other hand, has deluded herself into thinking that what she is doing is about loving her children and “releasing” them from the curse of immortality she laid upon them. She is so convinced that she is doing the right thing that she is willing to destroy everything Klaus and Elijah hold dear to force them to submit to her wishes.

Finn is almost as bad. He has drunk deeply of the Esther kool-aid and is shocked when he thinks she might be letting up on Klaus and Elijah. And he claims that Elijah kept him daggered because he was jealous of the fact that Finn is older? Talk about delusions of adequacy! Those two are seriously scary if only because they will never let up because they are convinced they are right and if you don’t agree with them, you must be forced to submit. Kol, Klaus, and Mikael may be sadistic and monstrous, but (like I said) they own up to what they do. This family needs serious therapy.

Every Mother's Son

Klaus and Elijah had a good idea when they decided to keep track of who Esther hops to. What would be even better would be if they could somehow bind her to one person. Problem is I don’t know if any of the New Orleans witches have the power needed to bind Esther. Davina probably has the power, but there is as much chance of her helping out Klaus and Elijah as a snowball has of surviving in the fires of perdition.

Every Mother's Son

At least we know that Esther was a good mother once upon a time. Well, sort of. When I saw the necklace, I assumed it was a charm to keep the werewolf side of Klaus suppressed, which it was (sort of). The fact that it weakened him so that he wouldn’t kill anyone thereby activating the werewolf curse was ultimately at the root of his problems with Mikael. Well that and the fact that Klaus is the product of an illicit affair between Esther and a werewolf. This is almost enough to make you feel sorry for Klaus.

Watching Elijah be a mentor to Gia should prove interesting. He is patient enough to be a good teacher if he can manage to survive the onslaught that his parents will bring. Elijah sees a chance to help Gia and save her from a fate similar that which befell his family and Marcel. He and Klaus need to figure out a way to stand firm against their parents, which is not going to be easy. Throw in Davina and this is not going to be pretty.

Every Mother's Son

Ultimately, I hope Davina and Kol do the right thing and side with Klaus and Elijah against Mikael and Esther. While both Klaus and Elijah may be ruthless, they are both infinitely better than either of their parents. And since Kol is no longer a vampire, there may be a chance that he can be somewhat tamed. Slim, granted, but hope springs eternal.

Then there is Hayley. Unfortunately Esther got into her head and that is not a good thing. It seems that Hayley is shaking it off, but I am worried about her now. She is tempted, with good reason, but Klaus and Elijah do need her.

Every Mother's Son

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