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Alive and Kicking

Klaus and Elijah find out some disturbing information, Hayley takes charge, Esther continues to plot, Kol begins to waver, and we find out more about Elijah and Marcel’s relationship…

You have to feel for Elijah. He is a fundamentally decent individual, but he keeps doing things that he would rather not do because he thinks that they will be in the best interest of his family. This week showed him walking away from two individuals he cares deeply for because he thinks that these individuals may be able to help Klaus. When Marcel was still young, we saw that he was very close to Elijah, but Elijah walked away because he wanted to keep Marcel close to Klaus, hoping to help Klaus keep some semblance of balance. In the present, he walks away from Hayley for the same reason and because he thinks that Hayley needs Klaus. Is he right? Who knows. Hopefully he’s right, but his unending quest to help Klaus become a better person seems to be futile given Klaus’ temperament.

Klaus has got to be terrified. Not only is Esther back in the body of a young Harvest witch, but Mikael is also back and he has the white oak stake. Those two are the two people he fears the most in the world and they are both back and out for his blood. Davina has a tenuous hold on Mikael thanks to her bracelet, but as we saw tonight, if she loses it, Mikael is dangerous to her. As much as she might hate it, she would do well to work with Elijah. Klaus? Not so much, but Elijah can be trusted as far as any Original can be trusted.


Esther has cause to worry too, but I don’t think she realizes it yet. Kol is so ready to slip away from her. The only thing keeping him close to her is the fact that she seems to control his existence in Kaleb’s body. Other than Klaus, Kol is the most dangerous and unpredictable of the Original siblings. He enjoys killing and is very uninhibited in his use of violence. He also bears no love for Esther and would betray her in a heartbeat if he could do it and not suffer the consequences. I suspect that he may try and use Davina to help him get away from Esther’s control. The only problem is that he would probably have to tell her who he is and I don’t see her helping him under those circumstances.

Alive and Kicking

You have to admire how Klaus played “good Hybrid, bad Hybrid” to get Hayley in with the pack. He purposefully made himself into a menace that only she can hold back. It was incredibly obvious, but effective. She may not have full control of the pack, but she is in charge of a part of it and that is important. Now she just has to figure out how to peel the rest of the pack away from Esther. I suspect that will be easier said than done. Anyone want to bet that Esther has done something to the moonlight rings that would harm any wolves who leave her?

Alive and Kicking

What is there to say about Finn other than the fact that he is still the same Esther-whipped, will-less, self-hating flunky that he has been since we first met him? Will he ever change? Doubt it, but hope springs eternal.

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