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The Originals “A Walk on the Wild Side”

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Marcel is recruited by Strix at a party which has several party crashers and he makes a surprising and gutsy move.

Marcel’s decision to have Hayley bite him, knowing that the vampire he was fighting liked to feed on his foes, was really smart and seriously gutsy. If Klaus had refused to heal him or if the venom progressed further and faster than he expected, he could have died. Serious props to him. He was also very smart to have figured out what happened to his ring. I do have to say that I assumed that the ring was taken after Marcel offered his hand given the fact that they lingered on his hand in that one shot, but I didn’t notice the ring at first, so I knew I could have been wrong.


I have to wonder why Tristan and a group of Elijah’s line are accepting someone so close to Klaus. I worry that they are planning to use him to get to Klaus somehow. Given what Aurora did to Lucien’s seer this week, you know the conflict between he and Tristan is going to escalate. Like I said last week, I suspect that this whole war between the sire lines has more to do with Lucien and Tristan than anything else. The worst part is that I honestly don’t think that either of them wants war. The problem is that the two of them hate each other so much that it is easy for an outside force to manipulate them into going to war with each other. They both think the worst of the other, so it is not a stretch to think that they can be manipulated easily, particularly by someone who knows and possibly hates them both.


Watching Klaus and Lucien pretend to be completely hammered in order to get Freya into the party to find the seer was completely hilarious. Klaus virtually guaranteed that they wouldn’t be taken very seriously with the gambit and it gave him the chance to tweak their collective noses. It also distracted everyone long enough for Hayley to bite Marcel so that he could win the fight.

Elijah is really disappointed in his “children”. He was looking to elevate vampires to a more cultured level, but instead he managed to create “a gang of psychopathic egomaniacs” (or words to that effect). He is always looking for ways to make vampires better, but he was thwarted by (presumably) Tristan. Given the stares he was getting from the attendees, he is obviously quite well known by the people there. I loved the look on his face when he figured out that Klaus was faking the whole thing. He seemed a little surprised, but also seemed to be enjoying the whole thing.


What did the seer see that could kill Klaus? It would have to be something *VERY* powerful given the fact that, at this point, nothing should be able to kill him. And what was in that vision she showed Freya? It went so fast, but I think I caught an image of Freya being buried alive in a casket. Not fun at all.

Until next week!