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The Originals “A Ghost Along the Mississippi”

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Klaus and Elijah declare war on Tristan and Aurora, the results of the events that happened to Cami unfold, and an unexpected death strikes….

Cami is a vampire? That was unexpected. I know I said something about her having Aurora’s blood in her system before she died, but I was being more hopeful than anything else. My concern for her stems from the way she was acting at the end of the episode. Once she had a little blood, she seemed to barely be in control, which makes me worry that she may be a Ripper since Rippers seem to be humans who controlled themselves so much that becoming a vampire sets something loose in them that they have trouble controlling. Pairing Klaus with a Ripper is practically guaranteed to be a disaster.

The Originals - Episode 3.10 - A Ghost Along the Mississippi - Promotional Photos

Speaking of disasters, I was surprised at how easily Elijah was able to control Klaus’ desire for revenge. Normally Elijah can barely restrain Klaus when he is in a fury, but tonight Klaus took Elijah’s suggestions really well. I suspect that he was so broken by what happened to Cami that he was happy that someone else was there to take command temporarily. And Elijah’s plan was masterful. He used a glamour to make Cami look like Aurora so that she could get the saratura from Tristan and trap him in the shipping container so they could put him at the bottom of the ocean. Since the activated saratura won’t allow *ANY* living or dead creatures past its barrier, Tristan is going to be drowning for eternity unless he can find a way to kill himself or unless some witch can manage to deactivate the saratura so he can get out. Given how the few months under the lake affected Stefan, I can only imagine what centuries will do to Tristan. It is an exquisite form of torture that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Then again, I haven’t had anyone rip the heart out of the man I love. If that happened, I might feel differently. I did love that the untransitioned Cami was neither living nor dead, so she was able to get by the barrier because of that particular loophole.

I cannot say that I am surprised that the Strix abandoned Tristan. While they are powerful as a group, they can be killed. The Mikaelsons, on the other hand, can’t unless you happen to have your hands on particular weapons. As Elijah pointed out, attacking 2 enraged Mikaelsons (particularly those two) would greatly thin the ranks of the Strix and, no matter what, they wouldn’t be able to get Tristan back, so why attack?

The Originals -- "A Ghost Along the Mississippi" -- Image Number: OG310a_0163.jpg -- Pictured: Daniel Gillies as Elijah -- Photo: Eli Joshua Ade/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.
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Poor Hayley lost Jackson. While I would love to see her and Elijah together eventually, I hope it doesn’t happen too soon. She needs the proper time to grieve before even thinking about a new relationship, even if it is based off of an already existing attraction. Seeing his heart ripped out of his chest right in front of her was beyond cruel and that alone was almost enough to make me glad Tristan is going to rot underwater. While I didn’t love Jackson, he was good for Hayley. Goodbye good sir.

The Originals -- "A Ghost Along the Mississippi" -- Image Number: OG310b_0169.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Charles Michael Davis as Marcel, Tracy Ifeachor as Aya and Oliver Ackland as Tristan -- Photo: Annette Brown/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.
Photo: Annette Brown/The CW

Tonight, Vincent showed why you don’t mess with the Regent of the witches of New Orleans. That would be because he is one powerful guy, particularly when he was powerful before becoming the regent. I am glad he wasn’t Finn because I have never been able to stand Finn and I do actually like Vincent. He’s moral, powerful, and pragmatic. That is a good combination to have in New Orleans.

I can’t imagine that Aurora will be happy with what the Mikaelsons have done to her brother. At least Cami won’t be as easy to kill anymore. The problem is that Aurora is so old and crazy that she can do some major damage.

Until next week!