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Thursday July 2nd 8p.m. – Pier Six Pavilion in Baltimore hosted The Band Perry and Caitlyn Smith Thursday night in a great kick off to the Independence Day holiday weekend. What better way to celebrate American independence than with a country music concert!

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Pier Six was nearly full as Caitlyn Smith got things started. She’s an artist/songwriter that hails from Minnesota. She has recorded with some of country music’s most legendary performer’s such as: Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, Lady Antebellum, Jason Aldean, and the Rascal Flatts. She has some really good songs like; Like I’m Gonna Loose You, and Grown Woman. You can hear the soul in her voice when she sings; it’s astounding! I also really enjoyed her mandolin playing. The mandolin is such a great rhythm instrument and it compliments her singing style well.


When Kimberly, Reid and Neil Perry stepped onstage the crowd erupted into cheers. The Band Perry has the ability to play pure country or rock out, and they mix both into their shows. They also play a variety of covers. My favorite cover was a violin version of Paint It, Black by The Rolling Stones. The violin solo in that song was phenomenal! They also mixed it up and played a cover of Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson. So this concert definitely had some giddied up. There was a large variety of rock and cross genre covers. It was entertaining.


It has to be special for Kimberly to perform alongside her brothers every night. The Band Perry shares that connection when we see them onstage. Musical families are special. It’s not uncommon in country music to have a family full of talented musicians; The Stoneman Family Band comes to mind. They are country music legends right out of Seat Pleasant, Maryland.


The best aspect of this concert had to be the vibe and atmosphere. Kimberly Perry radiates energy and you can feel it in the air. When she performed If I Die Young the experience was magical, her voice sounds so sweet. The soft banjo playing is so calming and Kimberly Perry’s voice was beautiful.


This concert was half rock show, half country concert. The rock portions were definitely fun but I think The Band Perry sounds better when they play pure country. I still like the rock and wouldn’t take it out the show; it’s just that Kimberly Perry’s country singing voice is astounding. I could listen to it for an entire show.

This was a fantastic start to the holiday weekend. There was a fireworks show both on the water and onstage. To have a band like The Band Perry rock Pier Six was a show that you can’t miss. It was a fun evening with incredible music.