Don’t Call HIM “Tootsie”

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“Tootsie” is a Tony Award winning musical for Best Book of a Musical. The book was written by Robert Horn. One might also recall a 1982 motion picture of the same title starring Dustin Hoffman. However,  David Yazbek has written distinctively offbeat witty music and lyrics that will have audiences bursting with laughter. The humorous tale unfolds as an out of work actor is so desperate for work that he impersonates a woman to get an acting job.

Once wouldn’t expect Michael Dorsey (Drew Becker) to be referred to as “Tootsie,” precious, honey, or or any other such name. He is a not well-liked actor. People find him difficult to work with because he is brash and arrogant. “People are intimidated by the truth” Michael tells his friend Jeff (Jared David Michael Grant). Of course, this is Michael’s opinion. The chorus begins singing his back story, as Michael is rejected from multiple auditions. The writing for these choral numbers throughout the show is comical, witty and full of innuendoes and double entendres. Each song seems funnier than the next as the show progresses.

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