Hodgson Riffs on Van Damme at the National

4 min 3 yrs

What can you make with your imagination, a little bit of money, and creative friends? Mystery Science Theater 3000 (also known as MST3k) was the brainchild of Joel Hodgson in the late 1980s combining the comedic talents, a budget big enough for B-rated movies or lower, and robots. MST3K first went on the air in 1989 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and featured the movie the Green Slime.

If you haven’t heard of it, don’t worry as stated before, MST3K only had the money to use B-rated movies in its programming. Forced to watch the movie by a pair of mad scientists, a trapped space janitor (played by Joel Hodgson) builds himself some robot friends to keep company and riff through the movies. Since the pilot MS3TK has managed to build up a cult following and becoming a hilarious Peabody Award-winning hit TV comedy. After several years of being off the air, a Kickstarter campaign rallied the support of fans eventually leading to new seasons of the show on Netflix. The show has proven to be stronger than ever.

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