The Normal Heart is Beating Strong at Arena Stage

12 min 10 yrs

I had the absolute pleasure of watching pure genius and expert talent come together, the other night in the Kreeger Theater at Arena Stage.

What a thought provoking show! The combination of statistical information and facts combined with humor, rolled with brilliant acting, made for a play that is now on my, “everyone must-see list”. I am already planning when to take friends back and when to take family! There are very few shows, if any, that have a serious subject matter that I would watch over and over again and come out feeling uplifted. This play is written in such a unique way. I really can’t get over it! Having missed the show on Broadway last season, I only knew the synopsis. Which, as you all know, I won’t give away here! I will say that because the play revolves around the beginning of the HIV/Aids epidemic in the early 1980’s, it is easy to expect a somber evening. Playwright Larry Kramer has just the right amount of jocosity seamlessly braided through his story.  Alright, so you get my point!  On to the actors…

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