Nice Work If You Can Get It

5 min 7 yrs


The curtain opens to a fabulous vaudevillian type song & dance number by the girls in the speakeasy, where our leading man, Jimmy Winter, (Alex Enterline), is celebrating his bachelor party. The rumble is broken up by the Senator Max Evergreen (Benjamin Perez), and his sister Duchess Estonia Dulworh, who heads the “Association of Dry Women” (Stephanie Harter Gilmore) & the police Vice Squad. But leading man Jimmy escapes & meets our leading lady, Billie Bendix (Mariah MacFarlane) who is in a gang of bootleggers known as Brown Beard’s Henchmen. Billie converses with drunken Jimmy and tells Billie about his upcoming plans to marry in order to show his mother that he is responsible. During the conversation, Billie also finds out that his beach house is empty & decides to store the booze there.

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