Emotional Fitz Bring ‘the Feels’ to the Anthem

7 min 2 yrs

A little over ten years ago, a newly-formed band caught its big break when they were fortuitously discovered by Adam Levine, who invited them to join his group, Maroon 5, on tour. Not long after, Fitz and the Tantrums played their first DC show, at the 9:30 Club. It’s fitting that their first gig in the District was on New Year’s Eve, because the party’s been raging ever since for the indie pop meets Neo soul band. And on Friday night, they graduated to playing The Anthem. Reflecting on their journey from struggling opener to powerhouse headliner, the band relished their moment in front of the crowd of thousands, at one point even becoming emotional about the city’s steadfast support of them from the very beginning, drawing out ‘the feels’ on their “All the Feels” Tour.

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