The Shore Leave 41 Interviews: Alex Mallari Jr.

6 min 3 yrs

This weekend, Shore Leave, the longest-running fan-run convention celebrated its forty-first year with its annual gathering of family, friends and fandom! This year’s convention is no shortage of amazing guests like Star Trek Discovery’s Anson Mount & Ethan Peck, Smallville’s Erica Durance & Laura Vandervoort, and Star Trek’s own Nichelle Nichols. Nichols is making her final run of conventions before she retires in March 2020. The DMV is so honored to have her at the annual convention. As with our custom, we interviewed some of the actors who participate in Shore Leave. In our first of three interviews, I talked to the man who plays Four/Ryo Tetsuda/Ryo Ishida in the Syfy television series Dark Matter. Now its time to get his take on conventions, for your reading pleasure, I present Alex Mallari Jr.