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Roses & Thorns Tour – Bret Michaels is Outstanding

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The Rock of Love himself ROCKED Rams Head On Stage Monday night.
We all know Bret Michaels is a legendary rock star, which he proves over and over again, and Monday was no exception! What a show! If you remember seeing Bret with Poison at a huge arena but haven’t seen him lately, you are missing out. Yes, those shows were amazing and fun, but Bret turned it up to 11 Monday night in Annapolis! Rams Head is an intimate venue, and he took advantage of every inch of the stage with a full band of mighty talented gents. A full-sound rock concert at a small venue…this blew me away! Not sure if anyone else could pull this off and not sure I would care to see anyone but Michaels do this. Such a huge sound from him and the band, yet he was so friendly and engaged the whole audience.

Smartly, he never left the stage…I can only imagine the riot that would have caused. Somehow he connected with every person in that room even though it was packed. A sold-out crowd roared for him and rightfully so! He sang everything live, and he killed it! He did a great mix of tunes, including “Talk Dirty To Me,” which is my rock anthem, so I (along with everyone else) was thrilled! They did “Unskinny Bop,” “Fallen Angel,” and of course the iconic “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.” He did some covers of Sublime’s “Love Is” and “Sweet Home Alabama,” which he recorded on “Jammin’ With Friends” released in 2013. Michaels also included his famous cover “Your Mama Don’t Dance” from the Poison days.
Oh and did I mention how truly HOT he is? He IS! Some people become better looking because of their talent, but physically, they are only ok, or cute, or neither! Bret Michaels is my true sense of hot; he is extremely talented, smart, sexy, and great looking! His eyes are so deep, you can tell there is A LOT going on upstairs and forget Photoshop, that blue is all Bret, baby! Oh and he is the nicest guy ever! I couldn’t help myself and since it was for charity, I bought the bandana that he wore onstage that night, so I got to meet him (this is also available as a charitable donation of $200). What a gracious and gentlemanly man! He looks everyone right in the eye and remembers your name, even twenty minutes later, after he has met another ton of people! Great guy!
The charity, which is near and dear to his heart is his Life Rocks Foundation.  Using his powers for good, this philanthropic rocker established the Life Rocks Foundation to help animals, kids with cancer, kids with diabetes (which has had since he was a child), and military families. Part of his show is dedicated to the military, with a salute to every branch, using his iconic “Something To Believe In.” This a really touching part of his show and it’s not a put-on like some celebs do, just to get a troop salute in. He is genuine and sincere.
His band is a testimony to the type of people that Bret really surrounds himself with. Dirty Ray Scheuring (bass guitar) is from the DC area. This new dad kept the bass line smooth and whipped his hair all night long. Pete Evick (guitar) has been with BMB for almost a decade and stroked that guitar like he was born with it in his hands. Chuck Fanslau (drums) punched it all night long and kept us going with great solos. Rob Jozwiak (keyboard) tickled those (plastic) ivories with precision and depth. The whole gang jammed and are even nice guys themselves!
As far as a rock concert goes, this is an all-out party that should not be missed! He will be back to Rams Head On Stage, hopefully in late fall, but certainly again next year. Make this a bucket list addition and go see him. Spend the money for charity and meet him. You will not be sorry for the entire experience, only sorry if you miss out!
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