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Film composer Pedro Bromfman brings a classic back to life with the score for the reboot “Robocop”. Best known for his work in the “Elite Squad” films, Bromfman gives the fans a peek into the future of cybernetic justice. A futuristic film has to have music that perfectly matches the story. However, this score doesn’t entirely match the story of “Robocop”.

“Robocop” fans will scream with joy when they hear “Title Card”, the theme from the original series. “Mattox and Reporters” is a unique techno and orchestral combination, and would be appropriate for any police themed film. “First Day” is intense and will raise your adrenaline. “Restaurant Shootout” will excite the listeners, bringing them to their feet. “Omnicorp” sounds a little too much like the “Mission Impossible” theme.

“Calling Home” begins with soft strings and piano lead into an awesome techno melody. “Made in China” has a strong and powerful beat from start to finish. “Fixing Robocop” has a high-tech feel to it. “Uploading Data” sounds too much like a medley of previous television/movie themes. “Reputation on the Line” sounds rushed, as though Bromfman was running short on time. The sound effects in “Explosion” mimic the actual sounds of an explosion, making it seem so realistic. “Robocop Presentation” is the best track for an epic battle between adversaries.

“If I Had a Pulse” would be perfect for an 80’s horror movie. “Going after Jerry” is upbeat, energetic and won’t disappoint the listeners. “Vallon’s Warehouse” is more appropriate for a Nintendo video game than a movie. “Murphy’s Case is Filed” seems rushed and does not give the listener a chance to enjoy it. “They’re Going to Kill Him” sounds like it could be a remix of the “Miami Vice” theme. The horns and strings in “Rooftop” create a threatening melody. The techno beat and drums of “Mattox is Down” would make an amazing dance track.

“Clara and David” is both moving and fear-provoking at the same time. “Sellars Lies” sounds recycled and lacks its own sound. “Code Red” has the sounds of urgency with rapid beat of the drums and the quickness of the horns.  “2.6 Billion” is calm and slightly peaceful. “Iran Inspection” is an incredible theme that would be perfect for the ending credits. “Battling Robots” has a good versus evil theme that leaves you wondering who will emerge victorious. While each track was nicely done, some of them lack creativity and do not have their own sound. The score would be outstanding if each song was an original and not a musical replica.

Final Grade: D

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