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Peter Pan (Dan Rosales) in PETER PAN at the Threesixty Theatre (Photo: Jeremy Daniel)

The newest production of Peter Pan sets the bar even higher as the world’s first 360-degree CGI theatre creates a new level of excitement never achieved onstage – until now.

As Peter Pan (Dan Rosales), Tinker Bell (Jessie Sherman) and the Darling children, Wendy (Sarah Charles), John (John Alati) & Michael (Scott Weston) travel from their bedroom to Neverland, the cast is hoisted high in the air to soar over early 20th Century London. The circular backdrop swirls above and around the audience as the actors soar up over the stars, then on to Neverland.

Flight to Neverland (l-r) Tinker Bell (Jessie Sherman), Michael Darling (Scott Weston), Peter Pan (Dan Rosales), Wendy Darling (Sarah Charles), and John Darling (John Alati) in PETER PAN at the Threesixty Theatre (Photo: Jeremy Daniel)
Flight to Neverland (l-r): Tinker Bell Sherman), Michael Darling (Weston), Peter Pan (Rosales), Wendy Darling (Charles), and John Darling (Alati) in PETER PAN at the Threesixty Theatre (Photo: Jeremy Daniel)

The 360 feel is so amazing that you feel like you are flying with the cast! The writing, direction, design, music, lighting, stellar performances, puppetry and the aerial artistry all blend to bring J.M. Barrie’s vision to life with a production that will make you feel like a kid all over again.

Dan Rosales captures the audience’s attention as Peter Pan. Not only does he lead this wonderful cast with his charismatic performance, but he also shares the spotlight very well, allowing the rest of this dedicated cast to shine.

Annapolis native Sarah Charles is absolutely amazing as in her theatrical and vocal performance as Wendy who performs one of the two musical numbers in the production.

Stephen Carlile has plenty of fun playing to the crowd as the evil Captain Hook. At one point he asks a child in the audience if he “fears him” and loud wave of no’s plays right into the audience’s enjoyment.

Michael Darling (Scott Weston) & Tinker Bell (Jessie Sherman) in PETER PAN at the Threesixty Theatre (Photo: Jeremy Daniel)
Michael Darling (Weston) & Tinker Bell (Sherman)
in PETER PAN at the Threesixty Theatre (Photo: Jeremy Daniel)

Jessie Sherman’s performance as Tinker Bell can be described as bratty but she plays the part so well that the audience loves her anyway. Tink wants to be the only girl in Pan’s life and will do anything to make sure that happens even if it means throwing tantrums and whining at Wendy.

Peter Pan also features some unique aerial acrobatics with the story of two mermaids played by Elisa Penello and Megan Godin. Their thrilling performance brought rousing applause and gasps from the audience. In addition, the Lost Boys show us their acrobatic feats around a pole that is shown as a tree, a tent post and the ship’s flagpole.

Be sure to look out for the crocodile that awaits Captain Hook. This crocodile is a giant puppet that lets out a huge roar and takes two crewmembers to make him roam around the stage, and Hook’s reaction to it is hysterical.

Whether you’ve read the story and seen the play many times or this will be your very first time, this new production will provide plenty of laughs and spellbinding entertainment that will make you believe in the power of your imagination. And fairies, of course.


Tickets for PETER PAN in the Threesixty Theatre are on sale now until August 16th. Prices start at $25 for weekday performances and at $35 for weekend performances. Premium and VIP ticket packages are available. Tickets are available for purchase on site at the Threesixty Theatre box office, online at peterpan360.com or Ticketmaster.com, at any Ticketmaster retail location, or by calling (800) 745-3000. Discounts are available for groups of 10 or more by calling (877) 407-8497. For more information, visit peterpan360.com.

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