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May 2022

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The Glenn Miller Orchestra Band Takes Us Back In Time!

What a time to be alive. It may be the year 2022 but we held the ability, for a night, to go back in time to an era full of swing, soul, and fun. The Glenn Miller Orchestra Band at The Lyric Opera House in Baltimore, MD brought Glenn Miller, Frank Sinatra, and movie memories from “back in the day” back to life.

Ever wanted to time travel but through music? Yes, I know. That is where this band will take you and believe it. I never thought about such a thing until recently. The Glenn Miller Orchestra Band sparked a creative nerve inside of me that is still living on. A creative nerve that I would like to last forever. What an experience!

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Photo of the cast of Our Town during Act II, Love and Marriage, by Teresa Castracrane Photography.
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Our Town: A Day in the Life of Grover’s Corners

Our Town, written by American playwright Thornton Wilder, is a story that features neither a great love story nor a malicious villain. Instead it’s a snapshot of regular American families in regular small town America, living their regular lives. And that’s the point. 

In three acts, Our Town captures a cadence of life that is familiar to all: Daily Life, Love and Marriage, Death and Eternity. In Daily Life, we’re introduced to the residents of Grover’s Corners, New Hampshire, focused particularly on the Webb and Gibbs families. In Love and Marriage, high school’ sweethearts Emily Webb and George Gibbs are married. In Act III, the residents of Grover’s Corners grieve the untimely death of Emily Gibbs. 

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