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The Originals “Give ‘Em Hell Kid”

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As people mourn the recently deceased, Marcel sets a plan of revenge in motion that Freya and Elijah rush to stop as Kol and Vincent confront the Ancestors.

I have to wonder if Klaus ever had a chance of stopping Marcel.  Given the fact that Marcel had already taken the serum when Vincent gave it to him, I would say probably not.  It did seem like Klaus had Marcel almost talked down before Elijah arrived.  The problem is that Marcel used Elijah’s arrival as a chance to seriously up the confrontation which led Klaus to become seriously defensive and threatening.  I think the biggest problem here is that almost everyone was right here.

Marcel was right that the Mikaelsons always put their family first.  While Marcel is family to Klaus, he is not to either Freya or Elijah, which is why they were so willing to risk Davina in order to save their family.  Remember, Klaus didn’t want to risk Davina.  It wasn’t that he had any love for her (because he clearly didn’t!), but he knew that his brother (Kol) and his pseudo-son (Marcel) both loved her and that sacrificing her would alienate them.  And boy, was he right.


Elijah was right when he feared that Marcel would become the monster the vision showed.  What he didn’t realize was that in rushing to stop the prophecy (by killing Marcel), he was actually bringing it to fruition.  That is what we call a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Had Elijah not seen the vision of Marcel as a monster, he would never have rushed to the bridge and Marcel wouldn’t have died, so he would never become the monster that the Mikaelson’s will fear.  Sort of makes your head hurt if you think about it.

As for Kol and Vincent, I was happy to see them finally cut the Ancestors off from the real world.  My only question is how this will affect the New Orleans witches.  If my memory is correct, the power of the witches comes from the Ancestors, so with the Ancestors cut off, the witches might lose their power.  And that would leave the city to the tender mercies of the vampires and the wolves.  That could potentially be very bad, particularly with a super-powered and very pissed off Marcel in power.  While I don’t think he would terrorize the city, he would rule it with an iron fist, much like he did in the first season.  This will not be pretty.


It was also nice to see Davina one last time and to see her be able to sacrifice herself in order to cut off the Ancestors.  She has suffered tremendously at their hands, so I appreciated the fact that she was able to get her revenge on them for that.  It was also cool to see her have a chance to say goodbye to Kol, because he really needed that moment.  I just wish she could have said goodbye to Marcel and Josh too.  Sadly, they weren’t there, so she couldn’t.

Next week is the season finale and it looks like a doozy.  From the previews, it looks like Marcel will have Klaus on trial and Rebekah will come back.  I wonder if this trial is the reason why Klaus wasn’t in New Orleans when Caroline showed up.  Does Marcel give him the choice to leave or be killed?

Until next week!