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Marcel returns with vengeance on his mind and Klaus makes a bold move to save his family….

The first thing that has to be said about tonight’s episode is that it was rather quiet for a season finale.  After the last few weeks of mayhem and death, this week’s episode seemed less about wrapping up this season and more about setting up the next.  Not that there weren’t effects from this season, but the effects seemed to be getting ready for what is to come.


That being said, I really did like the episode.  It was nice to take a break and reflect on everything that has happened.  Cami is dead, Davina is dead, the witches have been cut off from the Ancestors, and Marcel is a super-vampire.  The Originals are all out of commission for one reason or another and Hayley is left to protect them and find a cure.  I will want to look at next season, but I want to talk a little about the episode itself.


It’s hard to be upset at Marcel, because he was correct in most of what he said.  The Mikaelsons do protect each other before they protect anyone else.  Klaus has done a lot of awful things during his time on earth.  And people definitely have a right to be pissed off at them.  Where I disagree with him is the way he handled everything.  The “trial” was nothing more than a show meant to give everyone a chance to yell at Klaus and for Klaus to be defiant one last time.  Not that it could have been handled any differently (let’s be honest), but it wasn’t a trial, so let’s just call it what it was: a show.

Klaus’ and Rebekah’s speeches were both wonderful.  I honestly thought Rebekah was betraying Klaus, and to be honest I’m not sure there was much acting on her part.  He has been awful to his family in the name of protecting them so she simply told the truth.  And Klaus was as Klausian as ever.  Defiant, self-righteous, and arrogant as hell, that is our Klaus.  He may have become something of a better person thanks to Cami, but he sure knows how to put on a show.


The prophecy was fulfilled.  Klaus was taken down by family (Marcel), Elijah by a friend (Marcel), and Kol by a foe (Marcel).  The twist is that, as I just showed, the same person was all three.  Nicely played.

Freya’s plan to link the entire family to Klaus so that they would be protected from death was really smart.  Since Klaus didn’t die, Kol, Elijah, and Freya will have at least something of a chance to survive.  And that is where my thoughts for next season begin.


We know that The Vampire Diaries is three years ahead of The Originals and that Klaus hasn’t been seen in New Orleans during that time.  I am willing to bet that the show will pick up about three years in the future (to catch up with TVD) with Hayley looking for; or maybe actually finding; a cure for the three siblings.  They will then have to get back into New Orleans and free Klaus from his prison that Marcel put him in.  Doing this will allow them to cast a new actress for Hope and maybe have her do more.  I am wondering if she somehow holds the key to a cure.  Not that she is the cure directly, but maybe she may have something to do with one.

The Originals comes back at mid-season, so I’ll see y’all then!