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Everyone’s playing games, so much so that you could be forgiven for losing track of who is allied with whom.  Klaus, Elijah, witches, Rebekah, and Freya manipulate people like so many pieces on a chessboard….

Klaus is being, well, Klaus.  He is so focused on protecting Hope and controlling everyone around him that he can’t see any bigger picture.  He is continuing his quest to make the wolves guards for Hope.  He is very concerned about Finn and what he can do and (naturally) he distrusts Freya, so much so that he even refuses to listen to what she has to say.  Can’t exactly say I blame him there, but that could be to his detriment.  Freya is obviously trying to ingratiate herself to both Klaus and Elijah.  Anyone who is trying that hard is not necessarily to be trusted, so naturally Klaus (who sees the worst in everyone) trusts her about as far as I could throw her.  Unfortunately for him, Hayley is aware that Klaus is trying to manipulate her and threatens to leave if he continues to do it.  Aiden, however, doesn’t seem to be quite as sharp.  He knows that Klaus is after something, but he seems to fall for Klaus’ line about merely wanting to protect Hope.  He doesn’t see that Klaus is also trying to split the wolves off from Jackson, which is very shortsighted of Klaus.  I have a feeling that if anything were to happen to Jackson, the wolves would leave Klaus.


Elijah’s manipulations were a bit more subtle.  He took Gia to go see a witch to find out more information about the body Rebekah inhabits.  I found it amusing that he had a more open deception going while also using Gia to play a deeper game.  His charms are many and varied.  He also has the ability to see the bigger picture that Klaus often misses, which is a part of the reason why (I suspect) Klaus keeps him around.  He is also willing to listen to Freya, even as he tells her that he doesn’t trust her.


Then there is Freya who seems to be playing multiple games at the same time.  She has resurrected Mikael, removed Finn from the witch he was in, and is trying to align herself with her brothers.  I get why she is mad at Esther, but I’m not so sure why she is so willing to work with Mikael.  Granted, she wasn’t around for his depredations in search for his children, but she has to know all the things that he’s done.  Then again, if she is truly as worried about Dahlia as she seems to be, it is possible that she is gathering any allies she can get her hands on in order to have a chance.  If that is what she is doing, she may also want to bring Esther back, unless not being a witch anymore means that Esther is not powerful enough to stand against Dahlia.  Also, given her dislike of Esther, it made sense that she would get Finn out of the way, given his closeness to Esther.


Then there are the witches.  A turn out the body that Rebekah inhabits is an evil witch who kidnaps and kills children.  She is so feared that a local coven decided to kill her with a rare poison.  Fortunately for Rebekah, she knew what the antidote was and the witch who poisoned her had it in his bag, so she survived.  Unfortunately for Rebekah, the host appears to control the body sometimes, as we saw at the end of the episode.  That cannot be a good thing


So the question becomes who can be the best manipulator?  Can Freya be trusted?  Will Klaus ever start being reasonable and get that it is better to have the wolves as allies rather than slaves?  Guess we’ll find out….