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Anyone that enjoys spy movies like Mission Impossible, and James Bond movies would find this movie inspiring and intriguing. Spy was directed by Paul Feig and the theme of the movie is about a CIA Analyst named Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) who felt her life would become exciting once she quit her teaching career and joined the CIA.

Her main assignment at the CIA is working in the basement, talking to her spy partner Bradley Fine (Jude Law) through an earpiece. Susan has a secret crush on Bradley while giving him instructions to keep his missions viable. When Bradley enters on a mission in an empty house, he unexpectedly meets Rayna (Rose Byrne), a villain that guns him down.

Elaine Crocker (Allison Janney), head of the CIA, needs someone to go undercover and investigate Rayna. Upset by Bradley’s death, Susan decides to volunteer for the assignment and is accepted for the position, frustrating agent Rick Ford (Jason Statham). She is given several different gadgets along with unappealing disguises which she felt was unappealing, but of course she eventually finds some use for them.

In spite of the strict orders only to observe and report and not make contact with the target, Susan ignores instructions and looks for ways to make the job more meaningful and adventurous. She starts by befriending Rayna, gaining her trust and access to everyone else involved with the sale of the nuclear weapon.

In my opinion this movie was full of twists and turns that give Melissa McCarthy the opportunity to be displayed as smart, clever and spontaneous. She lands a plane, rides a scooter, fights villains and expertly creates diversions. The transformation she makes from an easy-going mild mannered analyst to an experienced field agent is amazing. This movie reminded me of Paul Blart Mall Cop, wherein Paul Blart (Kevin James) went off the grid from a mild-mannered safe mall cop to a renegade hero.

I don’t think Jason Statham should have been cast in this particular role as an ex-CIA agent because there wasn’t enough action for him. In this movie, his main character has constant arguments with Susan, typically right before she saves his life. In other films, such as Furious Seven, The Transporter and The Expendables, Jason lived up to his full potential as an action star. The character’s purpose could have been served by another actor such as comedian Chris Tucker, which would have been a better fit.

Overall the movie had several surprising twists, along with violence, comedic humor and language not intended for children.