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In this edition of INTERVUE, I will be giving us a deeper look into New York Times bestselling author Newt Gingrich. His newest book, Breakout: Pioneers of the Future, Prison Guards of the Past, and the Epic Battle That Will Decide America’s Fate is his twenty-sixth publication. Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the House and present day co-host of CNN’s Crossfire, has a lot of optimism behind Breakout and the great changes that America can behold. He shows faith and encouragement for the younger generation (and America as a whole) on the stance of using technology as a positive, and powerful, tool for this nation’s development.

This is an very exciting, bold title. What is this book about?

It is about the opportunities that you and I have to use modern technology, like your smart phone and iPad, to dramatically modernize the government and create so many new opportunities. We can have better learning, better health, a better economy with better take home pay, a dramatically smaller government and empower citizens to do vastly more.
There are many different pieces coming together. The breakout argues that if we use the technologies that are becoming available we can have a dramatically better future that anyone expects to have so that is really the goal I have with writing


Is there a specific age range of the American that you are wishing to reach with this group?

I would say anyone from 6th or 7th grade on up and all age groups above that. My goal is to get them interested in ideas that they can experience themselves. If you have a smart phone and pull it out of your pocket and look at it, you will begin to see many of the things I am talking about in the book and you will realize how real it is. It is the politics and the politicians that are behind the times and the technologies and opportunities to dramatically improve things are all around us.

I love how you question; will you be a champion of the future or a prisoner of the past? How do you see our future evolving? Is there a way to get these people that may be ‘prisoners of the past’ on board?

Sure, I am an optimist and I believe that the American people are smart and that they understand new technologies can improve their lives. I’ve watched how rapidly they move from radio to television to black and white Television to color television. Also, how rapidly they move from payphone to a cellphone to a smart phone. I believe you will see people as citizens moving just as they do as consumers so I am very optimistic that over the next few years people like yourself are going to have a peak impact on the country by sharing new ideas and better solutions and getting more and more people to understand what a remarkable future we have.

I really hope that you and all of your friends will look at your smartphones and realize you have in your hands the beginning of our future.

Both Newt & Gingrich will be doing two book signings in the Metro Area

Saturday, December 13, 2014
12:00 pm EST

Sugar House Spa and Salon
111 N Alfred Street
Alexandria, Virginia

Mrs. Gingrich will host a book signing at Sugar House Spa and Salon in Alexandria, Virginia. She will sign copies of her new children’s book From Sea to Shining Sea, featuring Ellis the Elephant.


Saturday, December 13, 2014
3:00 pm EST

The Shops at Mount Vernon
3200 Mount Vernon Memorial Hwy
Mount Vernon, Virginia

Speaker and Mrs. Gingrich will host a book signing at The Shops at Mount Vernon in Mount Vernon, Virginia. Mrs. Gingrich will sign copies of her new children’s book From Sea to Shining Sea, featuring Ellis the Elephant. Speaker Gingrich will sign copies of his new policy book, Breakout.