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Margaret Cho’s New Podcast Debuts July 16 with Jonathan Van Ness

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Join comedy icon Margaret Cho each week as she interviews people YOU KNOW and people she thinks YOU SHOULD KNOW, if you don’t already.  Presented by new female-led podcast network Earios, in partnership with podcast company Acast, the 36-episode first season will feature guests such as Jonathan Van Ness, Kat Von D, Michael Yo, and more. Episodes will drop each Tuesday, starting July 16.

“I am a big fan of all sorts of podcasts and I thought it was about time to put my own hat into the ring! I really think it would be good for you to have my voice in your ear talking about all sorts of things while you clean your house or drive in soul crushing traffic,” says Margaret. “ It wouldn’t just be me, but also my famous friends talking to you while you sort and fold and drive and bathe. Basically, we have a really interesting conversation and in the end, we will all be better people with clean homes that we don’t mind driving to and from.”

“We are thrilled to be working with Margaret, who is a model for iconoclastic women everywhere, and also just a deeply kind, funny person,” says Earios co-founder Priyanka Mattoo. “We have been so fortunate she’s joined us on this adventure, and are excited for listeners to experience the warmth and curiosity that infuses every episode of THE MARGARET CHO!”

Episodes can be found on Apple, Stitcher, Acast, Spotify or wherever you subscribe to podcasts. Listen here to a trailer of the show.