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Lil Rel Howery Brings The Funny To Arlington

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The DMV was treated to the comedic stylings of Lil Rel Howery, when he made an appearance at the Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse on Friday, April 13th. Howery who recently more well known to the mainstream, after his appearance in the Oscar Winning film Get Out, was confident on stage for the entire with an infectious laugh after telling his jokes.

Howery opened up his set, by mentioning he didn’t know where he was, and asked the audience was he in D.C. or Northern Virgina, an audience member shouted out you’re in Arlington, VA, and Howery’s set began from there. Howery’s first joke talked about the crazy weather in DC and then transitioned into Chicago weather, where he was born & raised.

From there, Howery used most of the night to tell stories about his newfound fame. One of the highlights of this section of his comedic was Howery mentioning the Beyoncé biting incident, at Jay-Z’s after party for the Oscars. Telling the audience, he knows who did it, but he wasn’t going to mention any names. Howery also shared his feeling on Get Out losing the Oscar to a fish love story.

From there Howery began to tell stories about his family which was the most active section of his set. Howery connected with the audience by mentioning the uncle we all have who can always handle a problem. I was in stitches when Howery said his uncle told him that’s his turn to take care of the family now. It was a perfect set up and provided the most laughs of the night.

Howery excels in impersonating the mannerisms of his family members and the people he encounters. Howery mentioned a cousin who spends more time on Instagram then working as an in-home nurse and his pastor uncle who falls who makes everyday conversations into sermons. Howery can pinpoint specific characteristics of the people in his life and make the crowd and viewers feel like they know exactly who he’s talking about, as it’s all relatable.

Before leaving the stage, Howery mentioned that he’d been away from doing standup, as he is busy with movies & TV shows. It was great to see Howery back on stage, and I look forward to watching his star rise.