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Kasim Sulton 3

Kasim Sulton’s upcoming album “3” is one of the most amazing albums I have heard this year. His use of smooth jazz, blues and rock and roll are what make this album absolutely outstanding. Known for his collaboration with Todd Rundgren and having recorded the top 40 hit “Set Me Free” with the group Utopia, Sulton proves he has the power to enthrall his audience and make them scream for an encore.

Sulton’s audience will fall in love with each of his hits, including the beautiful and touching “Fell in Love for the Last Time”, the smooth jazz themed “15 minutes” and “Watching the World Go By” and the rock and roll tune “God of Low”. While the soothing saxophone and strong guitar riff make “15 minutes” memorable, the fiery lyrics will catch the attention of the listeners, holding them in place for much more than 15 minutes.

While the album has some outstandingly upbeat tunes, there are also songs for the laid back crowd as well. The soft and heartbreaking “The Clocks All Stopped”, the peaceful “Too Much on Her Mind”, the country themed “The Traveler” and the inspirational “Shine On” are sure to please Sulton’s listeners. Not only does Sulton give his fans new songs to enjoy, he will excite his audience with his rendition of the George Gershwin classic “Someone to Watch over Me”. Sulton elegantly covers this wonderful piece of music, giving the audience a bit of musical nostalgia. As someone who truly loves the classics, I was able to appreciate Sulton’s nod to the musicians who came before him. This track alone will warm the hearts of his fans. The soft piano and guitar in the final track “Fade Away” will have you swaying to the music and may even cause you to shed a tear or two.

Kasim Sulton aims to please the entire audience by giving them a little bit of everything. For those who are listening to Sulton’s music for the first time, this will be the perfect introduction to such an exceptional musician. This is the perfect album for fans of all musical genres.

Final Grade: A