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Judy Collins “Strangers Again”

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Legendary folk singer Judy Collins has serenaded us with some of the most amazing songs since the 1960’s. Now, we have the chance to listen to her newest album Strangers Again. On this album, she is joined by a variety of singers, including Willie Nelson, actor/singer Jeff Bridges and Jackson Browne. These songs will warm your heart and make you wish you were singing with Ms. Collins.

As Ms. Collins sings, “this is when the magic really starts.” The harmonious duet and soft guitar and piano in the title track Strangers Again, with Ari Hest, make this song so beautiful and heartfelt.  Miracle River, with Michael McDonald, combines two musical legends to create an amazing track. The slow drum beats and soft guitar make this song a sweet and peaceful melody. Belfast to Boston, with Mark Cohn, has the perfect touch of jazz. The guitar solo, the piano and strings make this song absolutely breathtaking.

When I Go with Willie Nelson has a southern rock sound to it. Make Our Garden Grow, with Jeff Bridges, has a classical feel to it, but it’s also a romantic melody. Feels Like Home with Jackson Browne, is a lovely song that a bride and groom could dance to for the first time. Ms. Collins’ duet with Thomas Dybdahl in From Grace combines the artists’ creative musical stylings to create a delightful melody. Ms. Collins and Bhi Bhiman put a softer spin on the Leonard Cohen hit Hallelujah. Someday Soon, with Jimmy Buffett, is upbeat and fans will want to sing along with this wonderful song.

Stars in My Eyes, with Aled Jones, is beautiful and dreamy. Ms. Collins and Don McLean sing her classic hit Send in the Clowns with such soulful voices that it makes the song memorable and lovely to hear. The final track Races,with Glen Hansard is truly a wonderful song to listen to and has a sound that’s as warm as sunshine.

I loved how Ms. Collins performed duets with a variety of artists on her album. It was amazing to listen to each artist contributes their own sound to Ms. Collins’ album, especially with her renditions of Hallelujah and her song Send in the Clowns. Ladies and gentlemen, go get this album. You’re going to love it.

Final Grade: A