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Coldplay Atlas

The victorious story of Katniss Everdeen continues with the newest installment of the Hunger Games series titled “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.” This time, Katniss  embarks on a Victory Tour while a new Hunger Games is being prepared. Composed by musician Dave DeRose, “Atlas” gives you an inside look into the mind of Katniss as she and other tributes are forced to participate in the newest Hunger Games, while being pitted against by fighters with more experience than she. This game is a matter of life and death, with the possibility no one walking away in one piece, or at all.

DeRose’s somber piano solo and slow strings encourage the audience to take up their own bows and arrows and fight alongside Katniss and the other tributes. The strings and piano build the momentum, preparing the audience for the upcoming battle in the Hunger Games. The drums that follow signify the deadly confrontation between the tributes and the experienced, lethal combatants they face. With the rapid increase of the volume of the strings and piano and the swift beating of the drum, the audience will rise from their seats as they witness the impending destruction at the hands of President Snow.  As the drum beats decrease and the rhythm slows down towards the end, you feel a sense of both relief and sadness, knowing that while Katniss survives the onslaught of Snow’s vicious plans, many may not have been as lucky.

DeRose’s “Atlas” perfectly captures Katniss’ story with the slow, yet sad strings and the powerful impact of the drums. The somber and sorrowful piano will strike a chord in the hearts of the audience, causing them to feel intense sadness for Katniss’ separation from her loved ones, yet ignite a fiery spirit within. This beautifully crafted piece has the power to not only bring sorrow to the hearts of those who hear it, but perhaps even joy and inspiration.

Final Grade: A