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Grown-ish “It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp”

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“It’s Hard Out Here for A Pimp” is episode 10 of Freeform Series Grown-ish. Episode 10 pushes Zoey to the background, after her voiceover introduction, speaking on dating stats for young black women in college.  The sharply written episode decides to focus on the Forester sisters Jazz and Sky (Chloe x Halle) instead. I found the episode to be refreshing as, throughout the season, the arc for the Foresters sisters has centered on their athletic scholarships.

Episode 10 shows the struggles that some college-age women have when attempting to hit a dating stride in a college landscape.  While the group sits at a club, Jazz & Sky complain that they aren’t getting any attention at all from the brothers on campus. Most of the guys seem to be chasing after young women who are either Caucasian or Hispanic.

Vivek tries to remind the girls that they are on a mostly Caucasian campus, so the odds are going to be stacked against them. Aaron (Trevor Jackson) reassures them that he would never date outside of his ethnicity Aaron’s remark transitions into a witty response from Luka (Luka Sabbat) who mentions that Aaron seems to have some particular type of lighter skinned black women, causing Aaron to go into panic mode thinking he may color struck.

The episode’s secondary storyline is centered on Zoey (Yara Shahidi) and Luka as they attempt to buckle down to complete a project. Zoey being the work alcoholic and planner she wants to get the project done quickly, while free spirit Luca would instead just let things fall into play. It’s an interesting dynamic between the two, and their chemistry is excellent. If the writers, decide not to make Zoey & Aaron couple anytime soon, or have Zoey, reuniting with Cash, I’m all in for a Zoey & Luca relationship.

Jazz meets a white guy and strikes up a conversation with him. The young man appears to be nice, but Sky doesn’t like the situation it leads to a small rift between the twins but Jazz reassures her sister, she was just talking to him.  I loved the exchange between the two. And I respect the writers didn’t have Jazz fall head over heels, instead she just makes a new friend.

Sky meanwhile meets Brian (Diggy Simmons) and asks why he’s only chasing white girls, he replies with “I’m just making friends and discovering myself.”  At the end of the episode, Sky runs into Brian again, and the two seem to have a mutual attraction. Simmons was great in his brief cameo and hope he continues on the show,

“It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp” is another winner for Grown-ish. The writers have crafted an honest episode that anyone no matter what your ethnic background can be, can relate to when it comes to the woes of college dating.

Final Grade A-