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Grown-ish: “Who Gon Stop Me”

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Who Gon Stop Me “is the ninth Episode of my new favorite series Grown-ish.  The episode opens up with the ever-likable Zoey (Yara Shahidi) relaxing in her room when she gets a phone call that’s a drug dealer, was shot on campus. Without hesitation, Cal U. goes on lockdown. Zoey, and her friends think that Vivek (Jordan Buhat) is the victim. It turns out, it was the school’s number one drug dealer, who was caught cheating on his girlfriend.

Vivek uses the situation to claim his spot as the # 1 dealer on campus, much to the dismay of his friends. It was a welcome change to have an episode centered on Vivek finally. Since the show started his character hasn’t been given much to do. In the role of Vivek, Buhat finally has the chance to show his acting chops as a conflicted dealer. While Vivek is on scholarship and one of the smartest kids on campus, he wants to be known as more than a cab driver’s son.

I’m sure at some point in college; we’ve all done things that we usually wouldn’t do, to escape her high school past. Being the #1 dealer on campus, Vivek gets treated with respect (or so he thinks), and while the ever-resilient Zoey tries to warn him, it falls on deaf ears. When Vivek ends up in a life-threatening situation, Zoey is the only one to come to his rescue, yet he resorts back to his old ways. Once again, Grownish doesn’t opt for a happy fairy tale ending for Vivek.

The strength of the show continues to be in the realism of the writing.  No matter how book smart someone may be, you have to have the street smarts as well. Kudos to the writer for finally giving Vivek a decent storyline and I’m hoping it goes on for a few more episodes.

In the show’s secondary storyline Aaron (Trevor Jackson) & the Forster twins (Chloe x Halle) are infected with the flu-like bug. I remember my first time being sick, when I was at college, and watching Aaron made me think back to those times. The chemistry between Jackson and Chloe X Halle is one of the show’s highlights as they are developing a natural friendship.

“Who Gon Stop Me” may not be as strong as the previous episodes of Grown-ish, but it’s still a good episode. With four episodes left in the season, I’m interested to see what else they have in store for the season.

Final Grade: B