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Zoey Faces Tough Decision

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Grown-ish Cashin Out

Episode six of my new favorite series Grown-ish, entitled “Cashin’ Out”, opens with the naturally charming  Zoey (c) raving about everything she loves—from Beyoncé’s Lemonade album to Kobe beef tacos.  With natural ease, Yara delivers this lovely monologue that anyone, who has been in love right out of high school, can relate to.

When Zoey confesses to her roommate and friend, Ana (Francia Raisa), that she has given her virginity to her boyfriend, Cash (Da’Vinchi), it’s a heartfelt moment with genuine emotion.  However, Cash’s marriage proposal puts Zoey on the spot.  Zoey, being a confident, young woman of color, is faced with a tough decision that could change her future.  Her decision is made all the more difficult with the visit of her mother, Rainbow (Tracee Ellis Ross).  .

The dialogue between Rainbow and Zoey is easily one of the best moments this season.  It’s a conversation that every parent may have had with their college-age children who were young and in love for the first time. When the episode cuts to the final decision between Zoey and Cash, I felt the chemistry between Da’Vinchi and Yara was believable enough to make me think the two actors could be dating off-camera.

In the episode’s secondary storyline, the Foster twins (Chloe & Haley Bailey) continue to have financial troubles.  Aaron (Trevor Jackson) informs them that they should consider getting a part-time job.  The twins decide to sell some of their track gear, which is against rules. I liked the handling of this sub-storyline because it refers to Episode Four: “Starboy” when the writers broke down the struggles of college athletes.

“Cashin’ Out” is another excellent episode in Grown-ish’s freshmen season. Part of becoming an adult includes falling in love for the first time, which sometimes could also consist of heartbreak. While the title may serve as a spoiler to the show’s fans, the writers continue to take us on an emotional journey. I don’t know if the writers are setting us up for a Zoey/Aaron reunion, but wherever Zoey’s journey takes us, I’ll be front and center for it every Wednesday.

Final Grade:  A+