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Grown-ish “Back& Forth”

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Grown-ish closes out its stellar freshmen season with the aptly titled “Back & Forth.”   At the closing of last week’s episode, Zoey (Yara Shahidi) found herself in a predicament when both Aaron (Trevor Jackson) & Luca (Luka Sabbat) confessed their feelings for our heroine. The love triangle gets worse when Cash (Da’Vinchi) returns, deciding that he wants Zoey back.

Zoey has a big decision to make about her love life, and everyone has an opinion about it. I found the season finale cleverly written and kudos to the writers for having each of the possible suitors, seek advice from Zoey’s girlfriends, who they have the most in common with regarding personality

Cash decides to reach out to the Forster twins (Chloe X Halle) as all three are athletes. Initially, the sisters give Cash a hard time; however, when Cash reveals that he’s postponing the NBA draft for a year, he wins the twins over. I enjoyed this pairing up the most as the girls seem to see a kindred spirit in Cash, as all three are athletes.

Nomi (Emily Arlook) interacts with Luca, as both are free spirits.  Nomi’s reasoning for Zoey to choose Luca is that Zoey never had to change who she was for Luca, and Luca challenges her to see in the world a more casual approach. The back & forth dialogue between Nomi & Luca was very true to their characters, and if Luca weren’t chasing Zoey, then he’d be a great match with Nomi,

Finally, Ana (Francia Raisa) talks with Aaron. Despite their setback, two episodes back, Ana & Aaron are still friends. Ana who appears to be a romantic at heart, tells Zoey, that Aaron has always been the right choice. Ana’s reasoning is Zoey has liked Aaron since orientation, despite the fact it took Aaron a while to come around, he’s the best choice in Ana’s mind.

The episode wouldn’t be complete without all three possible suitors meeting, which occurs during a moment in Prof. Charlie’s (Deon Cole) class. One of the funniest moments of the season happens when the suitors are comparing Zoey, to the show Narcos, with all three concluding, they will fight to earn what they feel is there’s.

“Back & Forth” does end with a resolution. Initially, when Zoey is giving her closing monologue, I suspected the writers would finish the season with a cop-out where Zoey chooses herself, as opposed to one of the guys.  Looking, back over the last few episodes, as well as the season as a whole, Zoey’s final choice does make sense. When Zoey does make her final decision, one of the suitors, take it fine, while the other is hurt.

“Back & Forth” is a great season finale. There aren’t too many loose ends for our main character finishes the character arc started in Episode 1.  I’ve always felt, a great season finale will set up storylines for the coming season, and “Back & Forth” does just that.  It’s been a fantastic freshman season Grown-ish, and I am anxiously awaiting season 2.

Final Grade: A+