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The special pre-Frozen event on Valentine’s Day was beautifully decorative and creative. The tables were decorated with blue, pink and white balloons and snowflakes. Each place setting had a special Olaf hat to assemble and wear. These were also available at the performance with the purchase of a cotton candy. Everyone at the Opening Night VIP Party, both young and old was given crayons and a coloring book, as well as a Program.

The delicacies included heart shaped watermelon and grilled cheese sandwiches. Kiddie finger foods additionally included carrots and pretzels with ranch dressing and a fruit bowl of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.

The pièce de résistance was the blue hot chocolate. Even the drinking water was died blue to appear to be frozen. Kids also had fun getting their faces painted. Many children at the event wore their favorite Frozen costumes including those of the characters of Elsa and Anna. Even adults in attendance joined in the fun wearing Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears. The highlight of the event was the appearance of Mickey Mouse to take photos with both the children and the young at heart adults. Those not attending the VIP event were able to take photos on the main merchandise floor with cardboard characters of Elsa and Anna, or Olaf.

The performance itself was fun for kids and adults alike. Skaters before the show began, threw boomerangs toward the stands and engaged with the audience. The show opened with Mickey, Minnie and Goofy entering on a sled. From there, many favorite Disney characters graced the ice including Donald, Nemo and Dory, Pumbaa and Timon, Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear, Snow White, Cinderella and their princes.

Photo courtesy of Lauren S. Fassler

The most stunning entrance was The Little Mermaid and Prince Eric. He skated in with her upside down in one hand over his head. They did some amazing flips. All of the skating was good. There were a few fancy tricks worthy of the Olympics. My favorite part of the show was that skaters were interactive with the audience. They waved and high fived and even gave a couple kids snowballs to throw at the ice monster, Marshmallow. They also took turns blocking at different points of the ice so that all the characters could be seen closer at one point from different parts of the ice stage.

The Frozen story itself stayed true to the movie. Everyone’s favorite songs were included. Much of the audience sang along. However, the costumers and set designers had to get creative for a performance on ice. Baby Sven, the reindeer appeared to be one person bent over. But grown up Sven seemed to be two skaters. Marshmallow the ice monster was an inflatable blow up that got bigger and bigger. The rocks and sled appeared to be remote controlled. The best special effect was the snow that fell from the ceiling. We tried to catch a few. It was magical.

Olaf and Elsa, photo courtesy of Beth Korman

Another favorite part of the show for me was the costumes. When Olaf the snowman character performed “In Summer”, an array of dancing butterflies, flowers, bees and birds in Hawaiian shirts with sunglasses came skating out with beach balls. The audience had a good laugh. I also quite enjoyed the Trolls costumes. As they were supposed to be short, the costumes were made to appear as if one troll was on another’s shoulder. It was quite imaginative.

All in all, the Frozen production did not disappoint. It was definitely the usual standard of Disney. It was a fun extravaganza for the whole family.