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Mickey & Minnie

Feld Entertainment and Disney On Ice animates the Baltimore Arena on last night, with the “100 Years of Magic” celebration.

Act I incorporates condensed versions of “Finding Nemo” and “Beauty and The Beast” with a smaller bit from “Aladdin”. At the end of the beautiful “Tale As Old As Time” duet skate, each Princess and her Prince comes out and does a twirl around the ice to their own theme song. I wish they were using the original versions of the songs, but the skaters are lovely and the choreography is magic. A missing Princess is Aurora with Prince Philip; it’s bothersome because she is an actual Princess, whereas some of the others featured are not, but the depiction is 100 years of Disney, not Princesses, so I guess I am the only one thinking about this…lol. Next, “Toy Story” took center ice, with a troop of green army men. Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Jessie glided around the ice. The finale of the Act is the highlight for me, as the castle backdrop changes around and transforms into It’s A Small World, just like the ride. The costumes for this number are spot on and gorgeous. It’s a fantastic spectacle as the next transformation happens and they convert into the electrical light parade. It is truly magical and definitely my favorite part of the night.
Act II starts with a rip-roaring rendition of the “Mickey Mouse Club” theme song. The Mouseketeers in their shiny band uniforms did a great skate. Jiminy Cricket joined the fun and introduced a quick version of “Pinocchio” with a really cool whale. The Blue Fairy glided in from the air and did a lovely solo. “Mulan” is the next classic portrayed. This is my favorite part of this Act. I am not a huge “Mulan” fan, but the girl who does Mulan for this show is terrific. Her skating is tremendous, but what really shines for me is her lip-syncing. She goes above and beyond to depict her character. The costumes and props for this segment are amazing. The dragon alone is worth Act II. However, the next piece is not.
“The Incredibles” is less than, well, incredible. It is a tad boring and because it’s a Wednesday, a few people took the opportunity to leave and get their kiddies to bed. It’s a shame because it’s followed up with the grande finale,  “The Lion King”. The African chant that always leads, “The Lion King” gets a HUGE cheer from the audience. Timon and Pumbaa joined Simba and Nala in great skate. Pumbaa is manned by two skaters, who move like one. The choreography for Simba and Nala is the most difficult and well- executed of the night. It’s a nice tie in to the beginning of the show when all of the ladies skated with their beaus. What I really love about Disney events is the parade of stars at the end. The whole group comes out in their individual costumes, depicting each star of the night, with fireworks. Got to LOVE Disney (and Feld Entertainment).
The skating has been stepped up over the years. Where Feld Entertainment and Disney could just depend on phenomenal costumes and sets and tride and true Disney magic, they enchant us with skaters who are at the top of their game. So, don’t be late for this very important date to experience a whole new world.

Overall Experience: B+, This is a great event to do for a date or with the family. Though this isn’t overall my favorite Disney On Ice, I would certainly recommend going. The fantastic parts of the show far outweigh the few moments that drag. There are tons of shows over the next few days, so make sure that you get to Baltimore Arena.

Production: A, As you would expect from Disney and Feld Entertainment, who produce a myriad of events. The costumes are what only a Fairy Godmother could dream up! The set pieces and props would make Geppetto proud and the choreography could rival “Dancing With The Stars”.  However, I would have liked the original Disney versions of the songs, instead of the re-recorded versions, but they probably needed to change them for timing for the skaters. Stitch was thrown in the mix, seemingly just to sell Stitch products (which I bought). Part of the night dragged, even for the kids, who were revived with “The Lion King”. The Finale of Act I outweighs almost the whole second Act.
Venue for Event: A+, Even though there was traffic getting into town, it did not really hold us up enough that there was concern, the arena and surrounding garages were organized for the event, and every seat was a winner!

Now through Sunday, February 9th, with multiple shows per day!! www.baltimorearena.com or www.ticketmaster.com If you can’t catch them in Baltimore, they head to DC at the Verizon Center for Feb. 12-17.

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