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Opening night to his west coast tour, ANTI Records artist Curtis Harding, alongside Joshy Soul brought a smooth soul wave through Downtown San Diego at the Music Box. Just picture, if Jimi Hendrix and Otis Redding had a younger brother, that was mentored by Marvin Gaye, you would have the sweet soul creation of Curtis Harding.

Harding as like these icons, is a storytelling, romantic with a smooth soul sound. As he uttered every unconditional loving and generous note, the crowd cheered. Yet, there is a certain, seductive swag from which he carries himself that comes off like he is trying to charm every one of his viewers personally. As a performer, you have to have a confidence that makes you too hot to touch, but too bright to not, at least, want to watch.
Harding is a star, and, if you are not convinced, go to his concert. He knows how to entertain people, and make them believe he is the most dynamic, riveting artist of all time, of which he can easily go from smooth R&B coos to dropping awesome guitar riffs.