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Cheri Maree has struck gold once again with her hit “Keep Our Love Alive.” This song is truly a beautiful and loving tribute to the love of her life. This musical love letter to her loved one is perfect for couples and is a truly heartwarming hit.

The soft hand claps and smooth guitar in the opening set the tone for a romantic evening. Cheri’s declaration to her other half that “you make me feel beautiful/I’m so lucky/I am the luckiest girl in the world” indicates to her fans that her significant other is a loving and attentive person. Cheri is sincere and honest as she expresses her love and appreciation for the love of her life when she tells her partner “can’t believe what we’ve survived…I want to thank you.” You can just hear how happy she and her loved one are and that is absolutely wonderful. It’s completely refreshing to hear a love song that is as genuine and candid as “Keep Our Love Alive.”

One thing I loved about this song was how peaceful and subtle the music is. The music is not overpowering and Cheri does not have to raise her voice to be heard over the music. Every whisper and softly spoken word will catch the ear of her listening audience and they are sure to hang on to her every word. Her fans will love how she tells her loved one that she wants to stay together forever. Such a personal assertion will warm the hearts of her listeners and make them fall head over heels in love with her music.

“Keep Our Love Alive” is an honest and open tribute to a lover who clearly reciprocates Cheri’s affections and makes her feel “beautiful.” While this would be the perfect song to have wafting through your speakers during an intimate setting, it would also be perfect to listen to at the end of a long and trying day. I love this song because of how soothing and peaceful it is, and Cheri’s fans will too. This is one artist who is destined for greatness.

Final Grade: A