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Today, we conclude our series of interviews for the new Apple TV+ bilingual comedy series. This time, I talked to stars Fernando Carsa, Camila Pérez who play “Memo” & “Julia”. Acapulco starts tomorrow Friday, October 8th

Hi guys, how are you? Fernando, you play this character who brings the good out of all the bad. What else do we expect from you in Acapulco?

Fernando Carsa (FC): Well, you can expect a boy his name is Memo, which is very curious in the sense that he does some little crazy thing or how they make decisions that may not be the best. Still, he does it with a lot of love, and from a place where he cares a lot about his best friend, you are going to see a kid that, as you say, sees all the good and bad.

How did it feel to go back to the 80s when this new generation lived in a world with little technology and social media?

FC: I think that the 80s was the beginning of the technology that we have right now with the cassettes, walkman and all of that then how nice to go back to the roots, which allowed us to reach this point in terms of technology. That was a time with very fun fashion, colors patterns.

Camila Perez (CP): Many colors

FC: Very long hair, very tall, it is an enjoyable time, to be honest.

CP: Music is a very significant source of inspiration for us to interpret our characters.

Camila tell us about your role?

CP: Well, Julia is a Colombian girl who moves to Mexico to look for new opportunities. She is a very ambitious independent girl with many dreams, and she is a girl who, throughout the season, knows more about her heart when it comes to love. It is like a roller coaster of emotions, so it was also essential to put a touch of my life on it for me. I also feel like an independent woman, a woman who was born in Colombia and came to another country looking for opportunities. I would love for the audience to be reflected in her.

How are people going to identify with your stories more thoroughly?

FC: All the characters who work at Las Colinas Resort, which is the hotel where the story takes place, are there because each employee is trying to improve their lives to achieve dreams.

CP: And also that of her relatives.

FC: Yes, of course, and I think we are immigrants and how much migrant there is and everyone else. So that’s something that you are moving to another city to another part of town or whether you are changing schools we all have experience of starting in a new place and moving or going to another place to be able to achieve your dreams. I feel that the show represents that on several levels.

CP: And we also want to raise our voice, our family as immigrants, and the sacrifices they have made because it was not easy for them to leave their childhood in another country and start here again in a country where suddenly they did not know the language. to start from Zero. for us is very important never to forget about them because without the sacrifices we and this series would not be here.

Thank you very much. I wish you the best of success.