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The Freemans are back for Season 3

After two years of waiting, The Boondocks returns to Adult Swim in bold fashion. It’s A Black President, Huey Freeman takes a unique look at how each of the characters is affected by the 2008 Presidential Election. This episode could set up a serious debate in the near future for all communities. The episode follows real-life German filmmaker Werner Herzog as he documents the historic 2008 Presidential Election to its aftermath. Herzog interviews the Freeman family, their neighbors, and rap artist Thugnificent to gather their thoughts and feelings on the matter. True to life, everyone he interview was swept in Obama-mania.

Grandpa Freeman went on and on about how his so-called struggles within the civil rights era helped shaped the way for Obama to earn the chance of being president. Riley considers Obama the ultimate gangster who can get away with anything. Uncle Ruckus believes that Obama was the devil coming to rein terror. Attorney Tom DuBois sees Obama as the greatest hope for America and his wife Sarah is so obsessed with Obama that we feel that she wants him sexually. Huey Freeman is the only one that’s not giddy about Obama being president. Huey’s only response to Obama being president was that of a shrug. Herzog was disappointed that this lone African-American young man does not share the views with the rest of the community.

When Thugnificent was interview, he wasn’t aware that Obama was running for president. He later joins the bandwagon and even joins rapper Will.i.am for the campaign video Dick Riding Obama. It was funny to see how the rapper try to clean up his image after really getting into the campaign to disastrous results. Instead of appearing to be intelligent, the experience made him into a buffoon for amusement, poor guy.

The episode emphasizes on the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Presidential election. It opened the doors that while of the characters were in support of Obama, none of them realize what he actually stood for. They all had the perception that Obama was the Supreme Being that could change the course of America. McGruder captures the spirit early in the election from both sides of the coin. As we all know, the change that we were promised during the entire election takes time – even for a president. The episode seemed that it was setting up a big speech from Huey in the end about Obama being a stepping stone in the right or wrong direction. This was not achieved and made the episode a bit underwhelming. Huey nearly sighs more than anything else in the episode. In the end, most of the characters were disappointed that Obama was the Supreme Being they made him out to be. He’s a human being with good days and bad. He has not changed the race relations that America deals with on a daily basis.

It was true to form that Herzog stated that Robert Freeman’s election party that every African American in the room felt that he or she was elected president that November 4th. The episode teaches us about change, symbolic and real as it pertains to the last election. When we don’t get real change when we want it, you can easily be disappointed. The characters in the episode all hoped for that symbolic change that could make this world a better place. Maybe we find out in our lifetime, until then all we can do is hope and watch the next Boondocks for our entertainment.