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Blindspot “Sent on Tour”

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Weller learns about Bethany’s deception, Reade works one-on-one with Jane, and Patterson gets in some deep trouble.

So, Patterson broke up with her boyfriend because she wants to focus solely on her job, or so she says. Anyone wanna make a bet that she broke up with him in order to protect him from repercussions because of what he did? I am just surprised that she left anything at her apartment knowing that he would want to look into it. That was just not smart. She knows that he loves puzzles and would be drawn to the tattoos like a moth to a flame, so leaving them where he can find them is asking for trouble. Sigh…..



So Jane has a fear of turbulence. Interesting. Given her reaction on the plane both out to Michigan and back to the office, she is clearly petrified by it. It could be what she speculated that the lack of control is what scares her, or it could be something else. When she was flying the helicopter, she wouldn’t have had time to think about anything other than flying to where she needed to go, so any fear wouldn’t have surfaced.

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Watching Jane and Reade together was fun. Splitting her apart from Weller was smart. Reade has always had the biggest issues with her, so having him see her in action with just him was smart. He was worried about how she impacted the team dynamic, but he got the chance to see that she would put the good of the team was a good step. It also gave Jane the chance to prove that she can work with someone other than Weller, which is important in a team situation.

I really hope they give us the opportunity to find out about Operation Daylight along with Weller. That is obviously a big part of what is going on, so I would hate to miss out on anything about it. How exactly is Guerrero connected to Daylight? He had no clue who Bethany is, so the two of them had never worked together. Inquiring minds want to know.

Did the guy with the tree tattoo and his compatriot plant things at a lot of places revealed by Jane’s tattoos or was this a one-time event? This whole thing has certainly gotten a whole lot more complicated with that little revelation. Using Weller’s name as the combination for the lock and hiding exactly what they needed was certainly helpful. Which leads to the question as to who exactly they are.

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