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Aimee Carerro as Ana Montes, Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe, (Photo by: Paul Sarkis/NBC)

Jane and Weller start to disagree about how involved to get in their cases, Jane has tremendous sympathy for someone from one of their cases, and someone from Jane’s past surfaces.

So what is up with Jane and the guy with the tree tattoo? Given the opening scene, it appears that the two of them were intimately involved with each other. Whether it was as lovers or something else, it did seem to be pretty intense. Either that or she is having feelings for Weller and using the guy from her past as a representation of her feelings. Given everything, I would be surprised if she didn’t have feelings for Weller. Let’s face it, he has been a major force in her life since she reappeared and they appear to have a past together when they were children. Developing feelings for him would make perfect sense, which is something that they do need to keep an eye on because it could compromise one or both of their objectivity in the field.

Jane’s life since she returned has pretty much sucked. She has no contact with anyone outside of the task force, which makes it really hard for her to form any genuine friendships. So when she had the chance this week to have an honest-to-god relationship with someone outside the task force, she leapt at the opportunity. She is so desperate to have something outside of the FBI, which is something that everyone else has.

Photo from the episode "Cede Your Soul"

I hope they keep Ana around for a while because it would be nice to give Jane another perspective. Ana also realized something that no one else had realized; Jane’s tattoos might each have several different meanings. If that is the case, then they will need to reanalyze each and every tattoo. That also gives the writers a chance to keep going with new stories. All they have to do is reveal another meaning in any given tattoo and “voila!” you have a new story. Nicely done.

I am worried about Zapata. She took the money from Carter, which cannot be a good thing. She does seem to be determined to try and stay away from anything that can get her in trouble, but I don’t think she’ll be able to get herself away from Carter as easily as she did her bookie. He has his hooks in her, and he is unscrupulous enough that he will probably do almost anything to keep her on his side.

Weller has a lot of stuff to sort out. He has his dad back in his life and he has Bethany on his back about being too emotionally invested in Jane. He needs a little bit of time to get everything sorted out and get his head on straight. I think Jane is right and that their relationship is a good thing, but (as I noted above) it could easily turn to a bad situation.

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