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Blindspot “Cease Forcing Enemy”

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While Jane is reeling from the news Oscar gives her about her memory and tattoos, the gang heads to Turkey based off of one of Jane’s tattoos. Meanwhile, Mayfair and Patterson deal with a different threat in the office.

Well, that was an informative hour for Jane. Not only is she Taylor Shaw, not only did she cause herself to be tattooed, and not only did she cause her own memory to be wiped, but she has a specific plan in mind that involves her being in New York office of the FBI. Also, she and Oscar see the FBI as bad guys. So yeah, this is going to get really complicated. I can only assume that she picked the New York office because of Mayfair and Operation Daylight, given that so many of her tattoos have related to that. And I suspect that Weller’s name is on there because he is a connection to her past as Taylor Shaw. Beyond that all I have is some general speculation, which I’ll share at some future point when we get more information.


I think her big problem now is deciding how much she can trust herself and Oscar. We know that he has videos of her, but we don’t know if she made the videos of her own volition or if coercion of some sort was involved. It is also entirely possible that when she was kidnapped as a child, she was brainwashed to accomplish the task of bringing government secrets out of the shadows (or something similar) and that she made the videos in that mindset. Honestly, I am not entirely sure we can trust any of her memories. After all, if they can wipe memories, what’s to say that they couldn’t have used suggestion to implant memories? Quite the pickle she has gotten herself into.


Weller and the gang are oblivious to the issues Jane is going through. I think her getting involved in a case right now was a good thing. It gave her a chance to clear her head a bit and do what she does best: kick some serious ass. When she was gliding that plane in for a landing, I choked a bit because I am honestly not sure if that could be done. It seemed a bit far-fetched to me, particularly give how quickly they stopped, but I know so little about flying that I could really be wrong.

Poor Patterson had a lot on her plate this week. Mayfair was shielding her as much as she could, but Patterson didn’t make Mayfair’s job any easier by admitting that Mayfair didn’t know that she was using David to help crack the case. That OPR guy is definitely going to be a nemesis for Mayfair and possibly for the whole team. I just wonder if he really is a guy just doing what he thinks is right or if he is really after Mayfair’s job and will do whatever he needs to do in order to take over. I loved it when Patterson told him she did the math in her head and to shut up. He was right when he said that Patterson screwed up, but she knew that already. I think Mayfair knows that no one is going to punish Patterson more that herself, so suspending her was just a step too far. I am nervous about that guy.

Next week, the gang meets someone whose memory has been wiped by a drug like the one that wiped Jane’s memory….