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Blindspot “A Stray Howl”

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CR: Virginia Sherwood/NBC

CR: Virginia Sherwood/NBC
CR: Virginia Sherwood/NBC

Jane remembers a bit more about her past, Weller wonders if he has figure out who Jane is (and it’s a whopper!), and a whistleblower takes things way too far….

After last week’s memory about the bearded man and the shooting range, Jane got a disturbing memory this week: she shot a nun in a church. Or was it someone pretending to be a nun? We’ll have to wait and find out. Between that and the events of this week, Jane is seriously wondering whether or not she is a good person. As Weller told her, he first instinct seems to be to help people in need, so she does not seem to be a bad person. However, it is possible that she did some things that were bad for a good reason. It wouldn’t be the first time after all. We did learn that she is as good a shot as she is a fighter and she drives quite nicely, well, until she looked away and then crashed.

Is Weller right and is Jane actually Taylor Shaw, the girl his father was accused of kidnapping and killing? If so, that would explain the scar on her neck and why she was sent to him. I doubt it because I don’t see them revealing her exact identity this early. It’s possible that they will, but I find it to be highly unlikely.

I was glad to see that Weller put up less resistance to taking Jane along with him this week. I get that she is a valuable source of intel, but she also has serious skills that are proving to be extremely useful in the field. She can fight really well and is very good back-up for Weller.

Who exactly is the bearded man? We know that he trained Jane and that he was involved in her memory loss and tattooing. We also know that he loves to keep an eye on Jane and will kill people in order to keep her past a secret. The guy is definitely not a nice person, but we have yet to see where exactly his loyalties lie. It is entirely possible that Jane’s memory loss was somehow meant to protect or shield her from something, so keeping her past a secret could easily be meant to protect her. Then again, it could also be something much more sinister. I know that is extremely wishy washy, but without more solid information, we really can’t say much about him.

I get why someone would want to reveal a program that causes massive collateral damage, but killing the people involved is taking the whole thing way too far. I found the discussion in the end about whether or not everything should be revealed to be interesting. I really hope they have more discussions about that because I am curious as to how the different characters feel about that sort of secret program.

I also have to wonder about the reveal of the existence of the tattoo related to Mayfair last week. That places a certain shadow over everything she says or does, because she could be a part of the larger conspiracy. Then again, it is also possible that the tattoo was placed there as a means of controlling her or with an eye towards blackmail.

Until next week!