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Like many of us, B. Howard grew up watching MTV and listening to the newest hits by our favorite artists. Today, he’s the one making the hits. He recently released his hit single Don’t Say You Love Me and having listened to it, I wanted to know what inspires him and what prompted him to enter the music arena.

What made you want to enter the music industry?

As a child, I was watching MTV and a series of videos came on that lifted up my spirits. The songs I remember right now were Take On Me (A-ha) and Everyone Wants to Rule The World (Tears for Fears). It was an emotional experience…a feeling that I had and I wanted to explore creating music from then on.

You’ve worked with a variety of artists, as a producer, songwriter and solo artist. Are there any producers or musicians you would like to work with?

At the moment, I love what Skrillix and Diplo are doing musically. I also would love to collaborate with Mapei, Bjork and Imogen Heap.

What was the inspiration behind Don’t Say You Love Me?

The song is my U.S. debut single release and was a result of a promise that Akon made to me about delivering me some hit songs. Akon then hooked me up with Gibson Kagni and Don’t Say You Love Me was born. Then of course there is the version of the song in the video. There is a seduction of a woman with a firm warning to NOT say she loves him once their dance is through. The woman in the video is South African model-turned-singer Adeline Mocke. Also featured in the clip (lensed by top film, video and commercial director Dereck Janniere) is Brooklyn rapper BK Brasco (super producer Timbaland’s latest discovery) who kicks sixteen sizzling bars on the breakdown section of both the video and radio single Don’t Say You Love Me.

What future projects are you working on?

I’m in full rehearsal mode right now as I prepare for a month long promo tour of Europe. I’m very excited about it! Also, I’m working on the songs from my next record plus I just finished up with a pop group from Asia and a new RCA artist.

Now this is a man who is dedicated to his work, and it shows in his music. To B. Howard, there is no such thing as slowing down, and that is a great thing.  I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more of his work in the near future.