The Rogers Revue

The Entertainment Capitol

Rishele Ellison

Photojournalist What brought you to TRR? Dean Rogers himself! We’re both Bowie State Bulldogs. What are your favorite forms of entertainment? Music, movies and everything in between. What celebrity would you like to meet? I’ve met (even become friends with) a majority of all the celebs I’ve wanted to meet: Dru Hill, Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, Kevin Hart, Mario, etc. I would love the chance to meet and interview Prince, Jhene Aiko (my current musical obsession!), Lloyd, and Faith Evans. What most excites you about your work and the contribution you can make? Seeing the end result! It’s a passion of mine to put cover events or do interviews and then put the pieces for the final product. I feel my contribution is a unique one because I think outside of the box and am never nervous to ask the questions everybody else is afraid to. What are you passionate about personally? Love! How long have you been doing your craft? About a good twelve years. I started young with designing websites, graphics, fan clubs, and photography. Anything else you’d like to tell people about yourself? I’m a Sagittarius and I like long walks on the beach ;)