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Anthony Kellems “Mixmaster”

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Many artists have said that their work was inspired by personal experiences. Christian rap artist Anthony “TK” Kellems’ new album “Mixmaster” was inspired by his recovery from a shoulder surgery. Each track is thought provoking and will have the audience screaming for an encore.

“Pre-Game” and “Post-Game” skits (feat. Stephen Hertz and Todd Tranausky) have Hertz and Tranausky serving as sports announcers introducing Kellems to the audience as a strong player who has overcome adversity, as well interviewing him after the game, where Kellems states how excited he was about performing. “Called Out” has Kellems holding his listeners and himself accountable for their choices. “Can’t Break Us” shows the audience the importance of having God in their lives. He uses pop culture references to describe his faith in God, especially in the line “He’s gonna give you clear eyes like Ben Stein…Lord, teach me your ways like You’re Mr. Miyagi”. In “On Watch”, Kellems tells the audience to keep their eyes on God and not allow sin to rule you.

In “Mixmaster”, (feat. Nemesis) Kellems and Nemesis tell their listeners that God blessed them with their musical talents and that they will use their talents the way He intended. Kellems speaks as the voice of an unborn child in “I’m Countin’ on You”, pleading to his expecting parents not to abort the pregnancy and to let him have a future. “Dirge” is an awesome instrumental rock piece that will thrill the audience. “Raised Up” is an uplifting song that reminds people to have faith in God even in the face of the most difficult challenges. “I Tell It Like It Is” offers thoughts on rap culture and a back and forth discussion between Kellems and Nemesis about hypocrisy, especially in the lines “Lack the cash in your wallet for Sunday offerin’/But you always got a stash when getting’ smashed’s an option”. “Top Dog” reminds the audience that no one is greater than God. Kellems tells us in “Nothin’ but a Servant” that he is God’s humble servant and conveys how blessed he is that God loves him unconditionally. “Dream Big” encourages Kellems’ listeners to never give up on their dreams.

“Mixmaster” is truly an outstanding and uplifting album. Each track expresses Kellems’ strong faith in God and how His mercies brought Kellems where he is today. I hope to hear more from him in the near future.

Final Grade: A