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Ana Galeli Drops New Single “All Because of You” Today

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On this musical edition of INTERVUE, I recently sat down with artist Ana Galeli to not only catch since our last interview in 2018 (Click here to read the first interview about her single “In the Moment”) but to talk about her latest dropping TODAY. “All Because of You” is a new love song with a twist that followers, old and new, will enjoy!

I cannot believe it’s been nearly a year since we talked to you about your last single and curious minds, including mine want to know what have you been doing since that time?

I’ve released everything. I went back to Europe. I met up with some really talented songwriters from various areas. We did some writing camps in Spain; did some writing sessions in Belgium, in Paris, and in Greece. So, I’ve just been kind of going back and forth on that, and when I was in Spain, I met these incredible songwriters from a French electronic pop duo called Ravages.


Yeah, and we’ve just kind of clicked, and, again we met up again in Paris and we wrote this song and from that, it just kind of came out like, “why don’t we just do an entire EP?” So, I went back to Paris, and we just finished the entire EP that weekend. And it’s like, we’re super excited about it.

Well, we’re definitely very excited to share the news within the DMV and beyond, and it is amazing that it was last October that you had done work on the new EP with the French electronic pop group Ravages, and you did it in Paris, which is one place that’s on my bucket list, to tell you the truth.

Oh, really?

Yes, it is. I haven’t been there yet.

It’s amazing, you will love it. I fell in love with Paris, like a couple of years ago.  I kind of feel like, in somewhere in my heart, I know I’m an adopted Parisian. (laughs)

Especially the first time—I believe it was the first time you went there—it was just a few days before the Parisian attack, correct?

Yes, it was. I left one day before that horrible tragedy occurred. And when I came back to America, I was so baffled like everyone, and I started really…I was just very inspired by the Parisian response to the aftermath of the attack; the strength of French people; and of their courage to keep on going; to not show fear. Their unity is very inspiring and beautiful to see, and again, I was just very, very much in love with French culture and have a lot of respect for France.

I know when it comes to recording in different parts of the country or the world brings a different vibe and a different feeling. When it comes to songwriting, people have a different vibe of recording abroad compared to recording in the states. Did you feel that way when you recorded in Paris instead of here in the States?

Yeah, of course. I mean, if you are inspired by a song, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world. It’s that moment to just go with—go with that vibe. But definitely, it’s great to be out of your normal, kind of your everyday thing.

Your comfort zone.

And when you’re in a different country or in these beautiful songwriting camps and these amazing locations like in Greece, in Spain or Paris, you do feel very inspired for just being in a different place and just being surrounded by something completely new.

Excellent. So, I want to know—tell us your inspiration behind the single you’re dropping this Friday, “All Because of You.” Tell us what it’s all about.

It’s actually—it’s kind of like a spin of a heartbreak song.

A spin of a heartbreak song? That sounds…intriguing.

So, you know, it’s not the traditional heartbreak kind of realization. It’s actually a song about Paris. It’s kind of the realization of…it wasn’t the person that I was in love with; it was actually the city.


Yeah so, “All Because of You” is about Paris.

(chuckles) I wish I had a song about Paris, but then again, I’d have to find a new song.


So, you’ve been doing the rounds here in the DMV with the shows “The 202,” and “Get Up DC!” on channel 9 WUSA—for those who are listening—how does it feel to get that exposure within your own community?

Oh my goodness, I could not be—I’m just so grateful, you know, to even have that opportunity, like I mentioned to, the amazing production team at The 202. There are so many people in the world who have talent and want to do something creative with that talent…  But, there’s not enough doors. And, however…once in awhile, you’ll run into those gatekeepers. And for them to be able to give you an opportunity to just kind of have your voice be heard and have people be given the opportunity to listen to your art…I am just immensely grateful for that.

That’s great. Will you be taking the EP on tour, the single on tour? Will you be traveling across the country or here locally?

Yes! So, I plan on doing a couple of shows here in the DMV area… And definitely go back to L.A., where I grew up and do a couple of shows over there. Hopefully in the future, maybe do a couple of events in France, or somewhere in Europe.

Yeah, you have to, especially if it’s a love letter to France. You have to.

Absolutely! (giggles)

Do you have the dates and the locations of where you’re going to be doing your shows in D.C.?

Currently, it’s to be announced; but there will be an EP following the single.


And that’ll be coming up pretty soon, so I will be starting to do a couple of shows in the area as soon as that EP is out, so everyone can check out every single thing we’ve been working on.

Well, definitely keep us in the loop.


You have a Parisian motto, “Fluctuat nec mergitur” which loosely translates to “Tossed by the waves but does not sink.” I want to know why did you adopt this as your motto?

AG: Well, that’s the Parisian motto, and that’s what was—I mean, I found out about it. I started studying more of French culture and all that, especially after that event. And to me, it’s very—I think it’s very strong and very encouraging, because you know, hey, things in life happen. Things can happen beyond our control, but it’s not over yet, you know? You can still keep on going.

 So, what is your inspiration to writing your songs? I don’t think we talked about this when we first talked to you last year. So, I want to know what goes into your mind when you write these songs? Do you draw from personal experiences, or do you draw from what you see and hear from the world outside?

Definitely. So, with this EP,I wrote it, again in collaboration with Ravages, produced by Martin Chourrout and Simon Beaudoux, and they’re also incredible songwriters, so just to kind of feed off of that is very inspiring. It keeps you going, and you kind of, you know…you just keep writing. It’s hard to even stop.

I am an advocate for mental health. I’ve experienced some downfalls of my own. I know what it’s like, and any opportunity I have to give out a message to somebody that needs to hear it, I definitely include that in my music. Because, you know, we’ve all been there and if someone’s going to hear what I have to say, even if it’s just one person, I want it to be something positive.

Great! And speaking of positive, what I always ask people is, if there is someone listening who wants to become a singer—and as you’ve mentioned before, there’s always gatekeepers who will close the door saying, “you’re no good; come back later; come back when you have some experience–”

Or people who do give you the opportunity—

What would you like to say to them to get them inspired, to be positive, to keep going?

Hey, I have seen rejection a billion times as we speak. Everyone has. And you definitely need a couple hundred “no’s” to get a “yes.”


It’s statistics, you know? But I just am a firm believe that if something is meant to happen in your life, it will. And I think God has a plan for everyone and I strongly believe that. So, whatever it is you’re meant to do in life, it will happen. You just keep on going and keep on doing what you’re doing, and at the right time, it will occur, whatever it is that is meant for you to be doing.

If people want to find more information, especially since you’ll be performing in the DMV, where can they find you?

Well, you can definitely find me on…anywhere on social media @anagaleli on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. It’s all the same handle. And of course, you can always listen to my music everywhere on