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A Foolish Waste of Comedic Talent

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Tiffany Haddish headlines director Tyler Perry’s latest comedy Nobody’s Fool from Paramount Pictures.  Haddish portrays Tanya a woman is released from prison after a five-year sentence. Reuniting with her sister Danica (Tika Sumpter), Tanya immediately turns Danica’s world upside down with her inept social skills as she readjusts to life after prison. Danica, a woman on the fast track in the business world, is currently in an online relationship with Charlie (Mehcad Brooks) a man she’s never met. Danica ignores the advances of local coffee shop owner Frank (Omari Hardwick), who just may be her perfect man, but Danica is blinded by her love for Charlie.

Tanya decides that Charlie must be catfishing her sister, so she decides to prove he isn’t whom he seems, which sets up the central story arc of Nobody’s Fool. Haddish whose breakout role was in last summer’s Girls Trip makes her third film appearance of the fall season following Night School and The Oath. With her performances in those two films. Haddish showed a bit of range, however in Nobody’s Fool, Haddish is somewhat on autopilot. While Haddish is hilarious in the role and has great chemistry with everyone in the cast, Tyler Perry’s script doesn’t utilize Haddish’s full talent.

Despite Haddish receiving top billing, Nobody’s Fool really serves more like a project for Tika Sumpter & Omari Hardwick. The duo is a joy to watch on screen and I hope they do another project together. To be honest, watching the film, it felt like Perry added the character of Tanya last minute due to Tiffany Haddish’s rising star presence. The character of Tanya could completely be removed from the film and Perry would’ve had a simple romantic comedy as opposed to the HARD R rated comedy.

Based on the trailers for Nobody’s Fool, I was initially under the impression that it would turn into a road trip comedy about the restoration of two sisters. However, that isn’t the case as after the catfishing debacle is solved, the plot goes for a different angle. Perry just wants to entertain his audience and not provide a message with Nobody’s Fool.

My major gripe with the film though has to be the screen time of Whoopi Goldberg who portrays Lola, Tanya and Danika’s, mom. Goldberg has great chemistry with the actress playing her daughters as well as some of the funniest lines in the film. Credit must also go to Perry for the cameo appearances in the film. Two of the film cameos from well-known male comic are two of the funniest moments of the year.  Both scenes give Haddish a chance to show off her talent for physical comedy.

With Nobody’s Fool serving as Tyler Perry’s nineteenth film as writer and director, I already know what to expect when watching his movies. Per the usual some, Perry still has pacing issues, and with a two hour run time, Nobody’s Fool does drag in the third act. However, due to the laughs in the film, I’m willing to forgive the pacing problems. Despite these issues, Nobody‘s Fool is worthy of a matinee.

Final Grade C+